A key goal of a successful senior care community is to generate loyalty by providing quality products and services and being responsive to the needs of the staff, residents, and their families. To meet this goal, more companies are harnessing senior specific technology to advance their care and differentiation in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Are you a senior care provider who has decided that technology upgrades are necessary to meet the evolving needs of your residents? If so, there is much to consider before implementing the new technology. It is a process to determine how the new technology will help achieve your mission and goals, what the business can invest and how the new technology will affect the bottom line.blog_image_people


Here are some considerations to help guide your decision to upgrade your technology:


Establish Goals and Objectives – Does the current technology help or hinder the accomplishment of goals and missions? Will the technology upgrade help you achieve your care and business objectives? Ask yourself; will you acheive immediate gain from the technology? Clarify how eveything will benefit, and how long will it take to achieve success benchmarks. Consider the resources required to implement the technology. What will be the resources needed to maintain the new system? And, most importantly, does the implementation support future growth?


Work Within a Budget – Determine what is needed to run your community or communities efficiently and effectively today, and in the foreseeable future. Do your research and have realistic knowledge of the costs of technology. Set a budget for implementation and ongoing maintenance costs. Review the monthly maintenance budget often. At Silversphere, our Infinity Program is designed so you never have to worry about monthly maintenance costs or system upgrades ever again. We will make sure your system stays new and up-to-date forever.


Determine Your Return on Investment – Time is money and aging outdated technology costs an organization time. You are wasting time and growing in frustration if you are encountering slow-running software hang-ups and crashes. You do not have to worry about any of these problems with the ATMOS Emergency Call System from Silversphere. Features like added security, advanced reporting, built-in efficiencies, automated functions, and eased communication will help add to the bottom line. Determine the long-term ROI of the upgrade to ensure that the implementation adds to the health of your community.


Determining how to make technology work for your organization is the first step on the path toward equipping your staff with the assets they need to make your care the best it can be. If you have decided to upgrade your technology, use the guidelines above as an outline to help you decide how to implement the plan that is right for your senior living community and staff. For more information about our turn-key, customizable technology solutions for senior living visit www.silversphere.com.







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