In April 2019, Sentrics, the emerging industry leader that provides integrated technologies to the senior living industry, acquired Silversphere as its fourth company to round out its suite of services to senior living communities. 

By integrating leading companies, Sentrics delivers a tremendous improvement to the lives of seniors through technology by gaining a wider scope of data for decision-making. Silversphere is excited to have joined these companies in improving the senior living industry, and this acquisition has allowed our team the unique opportunity to work with SeniorTV. SeniorTV is one of our sister companies under Sentrics that specializes in senior entertainment. They provide high-quality cable TV for senior living communities at a low cost. It is easy to connect how SeniorTV and Silversphere work together making everyone on both teams excited.

With a new beginning like this, Sentrics has launched a new platform, properly named Sentrics360. This is becoming a revolutionary platform in the senior living industry. This platform is setting up a vibrant ecosystem of integrated, robust technologies set to help communities, families, and the healthcare industry to improve the quality of life for our loved ones. Made up of four core components, powered by industry-leading companies that have diligently served the senior living industry for decades, Sentrics360 made up of the following values:

Ensure360: Ensuring the safety of our loved ones is of the utmost importance. Purposely built on industry-leading technology from Ciscor and Silversphere, Sentrics can deliver products and services that fit any senior living community needs, not just today but also in the future as senior living technology grows and evolves.

Engage360: This core value helps the community residents engage in a transparent environment, reducing the risk of loneliness or the feeling of being left out of the loop. Engage360 utilizes sophisticated communications and applications environment to connect our loved ones within their community. 

Entertain360: While participation in activities outside the room is crucial to well-being, quality-in-room entertainment and connectivity remains a key element of resident happiness. This is where SeniorTV comes into play, providing high-quality cable television to senior living communities at a price that will lower your operations cost and improve your community’s happiness and overall quality of life.

Enrich360: Our Enrich360 platform is robust, giant data platform with sophisticated analytics that helps senior living communities utilize the wealth of information at their fingertips to improve decision making and move forward a predictive model for care. Our solution collects an extensive level of data from each of our solution sets to turn data into information and information into safety and quality of life improvement insights. Enrich360 has one purpose in mind: move the industry toward a day where dependency on physical infrastructures, such as pulling chords, is no longer how we manage the care of our loved ones. 

While Silversphere and SeniorTV provide different but related products and share very similar values. Both of our companies are customer-focused, relationship-based, and provide products directly to those who will benefit from them. Another similarity we share is how our products are made. While some companies hand their manufacturing off to third-party companies, SeniorTV and Silversphere do the opposite. We ensure the quality of our products by keeping them in the hands of those who know them best – our teams. The benefits of manufacturing in-house are vast, and we shared a few of these in a previous blog, which you can read here (posting August 1). Both our companies share this vision and ensure the quality of our products before they make it into the hands of the consumer. 

The similarities don’t stop at the industry we share or our products; it also involves our culture. At Silversphere, we’ve worked hard to assemble a team of hard-working, compassionate, and driven individuals that makes our team members feel like family. SeniorTV, like Silversphere, regularly hosts events and mixers to show their employees appreciation, and to connect with their team outside of the office. Without our talented teams, neither of our companies would excel or be successful, and we are refreshed to see a company that has the same initiatives and places meaningful value on their team as we do.

You may be wondering, how are Silversphere and SeniorTV working together? We have a few projects in the future, and we specifically benefit by putting our products in front of our audience in a different manner. While we at Silversphere focus on emergency solutions, SeniorTV has provided us with an untapped outlet. This outlet will afford us a new way to get our emergency systems to our audience in a unique and fantastic manner.

Silversphere is thrilled to be working alongside SeniorTV, as well as the other Sentrics companies, and we are excited for future projects, and future growth!

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