working silversphere emergency pendant call systemsImagine waking up to see the waves hugging the sand, the sun shining, and a hint of salty, sun-kissed dunes in the air. I think that really sets the tone of our Silversphere home! The Silversphere headquarters is located in beautiful Daytona Beach, Florida. The warehouse for manufacturing our emergency call systems and pendants is located a few blocks away from the corporate offices, keeping most of our employees in hangout radius!

Do you know Silversphere’s 4 Core Values?

Push Your Limits – be ahead of the curve, continually push yourself to be the best you can be and thrive!

Give More – to your employees, to your family, to charity! 

Live Authentically – being a real person is the most we can ask of anyone!

Be Experts – in your field, in your passion, in your own life!

Work Life

Working at Silversphere entails so much more than engineering emergency pendants and call systems, we all put our focus on benefiting the lives of seniors. We genuinely believe that seniors deserve more respect than they are given in a lot of cases. We want to make their lives easier, safer, and help the communities deliver on the promises they make to their residents, family members or loved ones. Acquiring a job at Silversphere means starting a career to uplift the members of our society that got us where we are today, our seniors!

Maybe you don’t agree with that. Maybe you do. Our team does agree, and that helps us shape a nurturing and lighthearted culture!

emergency pendant call systems

Silversphere’s culture is not like most family offices – teammates are always hanging out, laughing, and making memories together. The atmosphere oozes a family vibe that starts in our hiring process. Potential employees undergo a Caliper test to ensure that they are the perfect fit for their roles. This test has proven itself with a 98% accuracy rate. The company rewards its employees with benefits and parties to instill productivity and happiness. But don’t just take my word for it, on Glassdoor the company job review received a 5 out of 5 stars! 

Why We Have an AWESOME Culture – Our Magic formula

  1. We’re committed to employees (their job, future, and life)
  2. Our employees are dedicated to us (entrepreneurial spirit – want to fix everything themselves – live authentically, you can’t fake that)
  3. We’re all committed to a more significant cause (Help seniors, donate to communities, support important causes, like Alzheimer’s awareness)
  4. Extend that culture to our customers (we are and befriend our customers)


We have various departments within the company – administration, human resources, manufacturing, sales, customer support, project management, information technology, engineering, and an internet marketing department. The teams may be diverse, but together we are a close-knit family, working in a fast-paced environment where you will never find boredom!

Silversphere has been an industry leader in senior living technology solutions. Our experience with emergency pendants and call systems is unparalleled. We will continue thriving at the top of the industry with the smartest brains and the brightest smiles!


Do you want to be a part of a company where you enjoy going to work and laugh daily with your co-workers? Do you want to use your skills and be rewarded for all your hard work? See what jobs we have available and apply today!

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