Silversphere Community Care SolutionsWith every year that passes, more senior living communities open their doors to welcome new residents. With the growing number of senior living communities in the market, having a community that is competitive and successful can be challenging. More communities are beginning to have luxurious amenities, unique services, and detailed community care solution programs.

Your community’s care solutions are the driving forces that attract residents. Without well-planned care solutions, a community can appear to be unprepared or unprofessional. Silversphere stresses the importance of developing a community care plan and implementing the plan to ensure the safety of community residents.

We believe that security, fall prevention, and a wireless emergency call system are three essential care solutions that a community should have.


Security is an essential aspect of having a community care plan. When seniors move into a senior living community, they want to feel safe and protected. If residents feel as though the community does not have a strong security plan, they could become hesitant to move in.

There are several measures that your community can implement to improve security:

  • Outdoor camera surveillance
  • Fenced property
  • Guarded entrance
  • Security guards
  • Parking permits

Having a sound security plan can help to bolster your community’s reputation by reducing crime and hazards in the area. Make sure to evaluate your community’s security plan periodically, as the needs of the residents may change over time.


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In a senior living community, fall prevention is a crucial aspect of the community care plan. Many seniors that are living in a community have health issues that cause them to lose their balance or become dizzy at times. Due to the risk of a resident becoming injured during a fall, preventing falls should be a top priority for any senior living community.

When considering a fall prevention plan, there are a variety of safety hazards to consider, including:

  • Obstructed walkways and living spaces
  • Poorly lit outdoor areas and office spaces
  • Assistive devices (railways, armrests, grips)
  • Raised rugs, loose carpet, etc.

Preventing falls can be challenging because there are a variety of ways that residents could be injured by falling. When reviewing your community’s fall prevention techniques, make sure to account for every location where a resident (or employee) has access. Once your community has a comprehensive fall prevention plan in place, residents will feel more comfortable and safer.


With the advancement of technology, senior living communities have evolved to feature wireless emergency call systems. Emergency call systems are intended to signal care professionals in the event of an injured resident or other emergencies. When the system issues an alert, care professionals can come to the exact location of the resident in need immediately.

Silversphere’s ATMOS™ Emergency Call System is an entirely customizable system that can be tailored to meet your community’s specific needs. We designed our system to:

  • Increase return on investment
  • Improve safety
  • Increase staff efficiency
  • Reduce risk

Advanced wireless emergency call systems provide a series of benefits for residents and your community. These systems are necessary to have in a quality senior living community and allow the community to save money, reduce injuries, and increase efficiency.

In the event of an emergency, having a solid community care plan in place can help to provide a safe and professional solution. We recommend that you review your community’s care solutions to prepare for an emergency. Start providing residents with a secure, safe environment to call home today.

To learn more about wireless emergency call systems, please visit our website!

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