YOUR PICTURES COULD BE WORTH 1,000 WORDS: We are in the middle of a birth of a visual culture.

This shift affects more than just the younger generation. Our culture is saturated with imagery, changing the way we consume information. Wired for visual stimulation, our brain engages better with images than words alone. It automatically picks up information from photos, and yet it is so easy to skim over a paragraph of words. Since pictures quickly communicate emotions and purpose, they make a fantastic marketing tool. 

1. Show photos with personality

Your photos should convey your company’s personality, so determine what best describes your brand. We learn emotion through reading and interpreting people’s faces, so make sure to include smiling faces in your photos! People want a place for their parents where they will feel like they are part of a community, and most importantly, loved.

2. Use only great quality photos

Your photos represent you. With most people looking for senior living communities online, your pictures are one of the few things they see! Make sure to protect your brand and make quality images a standard for your community’s image.

  • High-Resolution: Enlarged and pixilated photos is a quick way to be perceived as inferior. These small details have a large influence on people looking at communities. Always keep any photo you have large, avoid any reduction of size. Big photos can always be scaled down, where small photos can’t be made larger!
  • Lighting: Be wary of dark photos, for they emanate feelings of sadness or loneliness. People love communities with lots and lots of light! So make sure your photos sell that.
  • Composition: “What is the point of this photograph?” is a question you should always ask. Each photograph should be clear in its meaning and purpose. The less distractions in the picture the better, leading the eye to what you want to convey.

3. Use photos to show off your community

Your photos create the perfect first impression. We always wish that prospective visitors saw our community at its best, and photographs allow you to do just that! Make it a priority to hire a professional photographer to come to your community to take photos. Even though you might know someone who owns a camera, don’t skimp on this one! Paying once for top-quality photos will pay off for the many times you can use them. Here are some tips for setting up a shooting day for a professional photographer:

  • Clean, Clean, Clean: Clutter shows up even more in photos, so make sure that your community is at its best.
  • Have residents out and about: Your happy and smiling residents are what is going to sell this place! Even talk to a few of your more emotive residents before the day of the shoot and have some fun activities set to capture so you can be as effective as possible
  • Shoot for a sunny day: Nothing is appealing about an overcast or rainy day. A sunny day brings out the best colors and light, so take your residents outside and get some pictures on your property!

4. Now… Use your photos everywhere!

Just having photos on your camera or computer isn’t going to do any good for your marketing efforts. Make sure to use your photos in as many places and as efficiently as possible.

How-to use your photos:

  • Social Media: Social media is a fantastic way to show off your community, this platform allows you to post photos often, keeping you shelf-of-mind for anyone not yet ready to commit for a place to put their parents.
  • Website: Your website is the hub of your community. When someone wants to learn more about you, they visit your website. Make sure to put the best-of-the-best here. This should be mostly professional photos.
  • Content Developing Team: If your company is ready to hire a team to do your marketing, a smart idea for your community could be to bring in professionals who know how to use photography to its fullest potential. Using it to build a custom website and manage engaging social media sites. Click below on our “Free Evaluation to see what Silversphere’s Internet Marketing Team can do for you.  




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