Supportive Experience Brian SilversphereThe tech support industry is massive and includes an endless list of companies that provide tech support services to customers all over the United States. With an industry so large, it can be challenging to stand out and push ahead. Silversphere is committed to being a cutting-edge company not only when it comes to wireless emergency call systems, but also when our partners contact us with questions about our products.

We know that we produce great products, but we also know that you’re going to have questions about them. We don’t expect our customers to know everything about what we do, which is why we provide technical support that bolsters our company’s value and puts a smile on your face. Silversphere has refined our technical support department to become a resource for our customers through our values, practices, and commitment to excellence.

Brian Pabst, Director of Technical Support at Silversphere, has shared some valuable information regarding the customer experience with Silversphere!


At Silversphere, we take pride in our policies and practices. We have standards in place that organize, sort, and prioritize each call so that each partner receives assistance in a timely and professional manner. Our company emphasizes our values every day and train our employees to uphold the company standards at all times.

We have pioneered the technical support industry by creating processes that focus on the caller and their experience. Each of our representatives has three goals during each call:

  1. Provide the caller with an exceptionally welcoming experience
  2. Solve the caller’s issue
  3. Document the interaction for the next representative

During the call, our representatives will not only work to solve the caller’s problem, but they also ensure that they provide a pleasant experience and take notes about what occurred during the call. Blending these three goals allows each connection to be a unique and supportive experience.


One value that we’re especially proud of is the “Think About the Next Person” policy. This policy is the driving force behind what we do every day at Silversphere. Thinking about the next person refers to the following representative that the partner will be interacting with. We want to make sure that extensive notes are taken during each call because we want each caller to pick up from where they left off, each time they call.

When a representative answers the phone, they have the opportunity to view the variety of notes made during past calls. Reviewing these notes allows the representative to understand the situation without having to make the caller repeat their story all over again! Although it may not seem like much, this policy is what gives an extra special touch to our technical support experience.

Silversphere Tech Support Training


Another policy that Silversphere has developed is the “Every Case, Every Day” philosophy. When a caller leaves a message or doesn’t have their issue resolved immediately, we want to guarantee that we’ll speak to them again and solve their problem quickly. The primary goal of this philosophy is to ensure that our representatives touch every open support case, every day. By doing so, we call the phone number on file, call the community number, leave a voicemail, and send an email to the partner. Should the customer not respond, we follow up again the next day to demonstrate our dedication to our customers.

The “Every Case, Every Day” philosophy is something that most other tech companies don’t have, which is why Silversphere is an industry leader! When you have a technical problem or question, you can count on us to be there and provide professional support when you need it!


At Silversphere, we know that disasters don’t have bedtimes. Providing support throughout the day is excellent, but what happens when your issue occurs overnight? Many companies don’t offer after-hours support and leave customers without an immediate solution. A lack of support can cause callers to experience frustration and uncertainty, which is indeed something your company doesn’t want!

We provide after-hours support to our customers because we don’t want you to wait for a solution. Should one of our partners have an issue overnight, our technical support department will receive their message and act accordingly. If you have an emergency that can’t wait, always be sure to let us know!

Silversphere is a company that works hard to maintain the professional support experience that we provide. We continually work to improve our standards, practices, and policies to ensure that our partners receive the support they need, and when they need it.

If you’re interested in learning more about Silversphere and our products, please visit our website or contact us!

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