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Sasha Rodriguez_SilversphereSasha Rodriguez is Silversphere’s System Trainer, and she is an experienced, hard-working, joyful member of our team. Without her, our training development system would not be the fantastic tool that it is today. She has a knack for helping others and truly understands how programs work to un-complicate technology training. She is able to explain the importance of technology training and how to help others begin to understand various processes.The following is her account of the best practices she recommends using to implement training in your community:

A little background on me, I’ve been in the training field for over 13 years. In those 13 years, I have seen it all, but the one constant that remains true is that when someone doesn’t understand something, they believe that it is COMPLICATED! No, I’m not yelling at you through this blog, but I am showing you how we make something that can be remedied with a little know-how seem like an enormous obstacle placed in our path to success.

There are five easy ways you can stop complicating your tech training when new technology, such as Silversphere’s eCall system, is introduced into your community.

Easy Way #1 – Call the Support or Training Department

Yes, it’s true, while it may seem like an obvious common-sense response, it’s often the one step that eludes most people. Some may see training people as not a “Tech Support related request.” However, the Tech Support Department can, in fact, guide you to the right contact and even connect you directly to that person. With this, you can easily get trained on the new technology you are implementing.


Easy Way #2 – Interact with the Tutorials

As a trainer, I can tell you that most of us in the industry put a lot of hard work and time into creating engaging training solutions for you – our end users. At Silversphere, we know it is essential not just to show you how to do something, but to involve you in the process. Use the interactive tutorials available to you, and be sure to share them with your staff.  

Remember, “What I hear, I forget; What I see, I remember; What I do, I understand.” While this is from an old Chinese proverb, it remains true. What YOU do, YOU understand.  


Easy Way #3 – Train Others

In line with our Easy Way #2, if you want to un-complicate technology training, you need to teach others how to perform the way you expect them to. When I travel to a senior living community, I make it a point to ensure managers at the community are prepared to train their new hires and re-train their current staff. You must become the trainer at your community and train others to be the same. Using this method, training doesn’t all rest on you and you know the information being shared is correct by those you’ve trained and assessed on that knowledge.


Easy Way #4 – Stay Up-to-Date with the Changes

If you’re in charge of training your staff on the technology being used in the community, it’s important you stay “in-the-know” when a new update is released or when your community is due for an upgrade. Silversphere’s Infinity customers get access to the latest technology at their communities, and with those upgrades come important changes to the way you and your staff work with our system. We make sure before we leave your community, you’re trained on how to use the technology and to keep using it to stay educated.

Another way to stay-up-to-date is by joining our newsletter. You can log-in to STRATOS to see what new announcements have been posted, or simply reach out to the training department and schedule a personalized training session to get all the latest know-how and even a training refresher. This will guarantee you’re always in-the-know and won’t be surprised when new changes take effect.


Easy Way #5 – Make Training the Norm

When you incorporate tech training as part of your onboarding process with new hires and require monthly knowledge checks of your staff, you know for a fact that they understand how to use life safety technology.

Create a fun, and easy knowledge check process whereby you can shadow your staff when they’re responding to an eCall. Ask them a random question on the process of responding to an alarm or simply have them demonstrate for you in a model room the proper way to respond to a resident’s emergency call request.

These quick knowledge checks help ensure your staff still has the correct processes top-of-mind. In addition to their co-workers needing help or have questions, these questions can then be answered correctly.

In summary, there is no complication on training except for the complications we impose on ourselves. At Silversphere, we provide our customers with an assortment of solutions to help onboard their staff and help them quickly adopt the technology being introduced into the community. Make it fun, make it interactive, and always make it the norm. If you are looking for some extra guidance, be sure to schedule a training consultation today!


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