After extensive and rigorous testing, the ATMOS™ Emergency Call System from Silversphere receives a stamp of approval on safety with a UL-2560 listing and delivers a boost of confidence for senior living technology consumers.

“After extensive and rigorous testing, the ATMOS™ Emergency Call System from Silversphere receives a stamp of approval on safety with a UL-2560 listing.”


Daytona Beach, Florida – Silversphere, a leading technology manufacturer and innovator in the senior living industry for emergency call technology, raised the bar on safety standards for its technology by acquiring a UL-2560 listing. This listing delivers high-praise to the safety standards placed on each ATMOS™ Emergency Call System and delivers a boost of confidence for senior living technology consumers.

“Obtaining the UL 2560 listing is a great milestone for our company and for the industry,” said Rick Taylor, Senior Vice President of Market Expansion at Silverphere. “For far too long there have been no requirements for call systems that are installed in senior living; now we have a minimum benchmark and the ultimate winners are the residents we passionately work to protect day in and day out.”

In order to comply with UL-2560 standards Silversphere’s call systems underwent a series of rigorous testing to meet the requirements for safety, endurance and reliability. One requirement focused on ensuring there will be a strong two-way communication between stations so that alarms get through each time. Additionally, systems were required to forego drop tests and prolonged-use tests to adhere durability and quality requirements. Silversphere developers are equipped to provide additional information on UL-2560 tests.

“Silversphere’s ability to adapt and meet the ever changing landscape of regulatory requirements is one of the critical components, that as a turnkey design and manufacturing partner, allows us to solve problems for our customers that non-manufacturing industry integrators just can’t resolve,” said Malcolm, Senior Vice President of Operations at Silversphere. “Our commitment to the industry is once again demonstrated by our continued investment in advancing the reliability of our product line while continuing to innovate new solutions.”

Silversphere has been in the business of providing high-quality technology to clients for over 70 years. Their ATMOS™ Emergency Call System paired with it’s cloud-based partner STRATOS™, a real-time data-reporting tool for senior living communities, provides the most comprehensive and reliable emergency call solution available in senior living today. In addition, Silversphere offers a free resource on the cost-cutting benefits technology can have on a senior care business. 

For more information regarding ATMOS Emergency Call Systems and/or UL 2560 listing, contact Kaleb Scharmahorn at kaleb@silversphere.com.




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