resident well-beingThere are various benefits to using e-call pendants for residents’ well-being and safety. At Silversphere, safety and security are one of our primary objectives. This can be seen in the implementation and training of call systems in use with data access and management. These variables all go hand in hand with the safety of seniors worldwide. What other factors push pendants into being an astounding safety feature?

Better than Pull Cords

Senior living communities that have pendant emergency call systems have an advantage over communities that are only using pull cord systems. The pendants can be worn around a resident’s neck or on their wrist like a watch allowing the resident to have the flexibility to be mobile throughout the community and still have the ability to call for help. Gone are the days of residents staying close to their pull stations in their apartments because they want to be sure they are near a “call for help” should they need it.  


use of e-call

Moving into a senior living community can be very scary for a senior. There are fears of adapting to new routines, meeting new people and perceived loss of independence. Any perceived dangers are going to create concerns of “what ifs” for that individual. What will happen if I fall in the shower? I would love to sit outside in the courtyard and enjoy the sunshine, but what if I suddenly need to use the restroom while I’m there? A pendant style call system can alleviate some of those fears, giving the resident confidence to attend activities and socialize with others.  


Convenience in the Bathroom

Next, to medication assistance, bathing is typically a top need for residents who need assistance. Residents may be used to a bathtub or even sponge bathing next to a sink and now may need to transition to a shower style bathing. Bathing or showering can be one of the times where there is a major concern for a resident. Ensuring that the pendants are water resistant and able to be worn in the shower or tub is an important feature to ensure the resident in your community feel and are safe in a time of potential need. Additionally, a large percentage of falls and or request for help comes from residents in their bathroom. With water-resistant pendants, a resident can shower with the ease of knowing help can be called immediately with a push of a button.  


One of the top reasons for residents moving into senior living communities is due to isolation at home. It has been proven that increased socialization and activity can improve a senior’s physical and mental well-being. Without this essential social engagement, seniors can see substantial negative impacts on various aspects of their lives. When seniors are happy and getting the exercise they need each day, the more likely they will remain as a long-term resident in your community. This is a great ROI not only from the community standpoint but also for the residents who reside there.


When the goal of a community is to keep seniors safe, and seniors seek social happiness, then it makes sense turning to a company who wants the same things. At Silversphere, we think of the big picture while focusing on the personal and individualized end of the spectrum. If you are a community looking to please residents while protecting them, contact us today!

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