Malcolm Silversphere Engineering Difference
At Silversphere, we believe in making meaningful changes in the industry. We wanted to take a moment to highlight our dedication to innovation, so we sat down with Malcolm Graham, Senior Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Silversphere, to talk about some of the things that Silversphere does to differentiate itself in the market.


Malcolm has worked at Silversphere for over 15 years! When speaking with Malcolm about his role, he explains that he cares about the people that work for Silversphere and he wants to create an environment in which employees can function at their highest level. The thing that he enjoys about working at Silversphere the most is the fact that the company can impact communities, create change, and adapt to any situation more quickly than most technology companies.

While speaking with Malcolm, we learned that he has two phrases that he always goes by to keep his employees humble. He stated that while he wants Silversphere to be successful and develop innovative technologies, he needs his employees to “always fail fast” and “fail with honor.” This means that Silversphere employees need to be able to identify issues, attempt a solution, learn from failure, and adapt to solve the problem efficiently.



While discussing the way that Silversphere manufactures and develops its technology, Malcolm became passionate about the production process. He stated that Silversphere not only has its own in-house engineering department, but the company also does its own manufacturing! While this may not appear as something that sets Silversphere apart, it is important to note that it allows Silversphere to be more innovative than other companies that may not.

Through in-house manufacturing and engineering, Malcolm says that partners of the company are left with only “one hand to shake.” Silversphere creates software, produces technology, and controls the life cycle of the device, which passes convenience and savings onto the partners of Silversphere. Many other companies are limited by the hardware they are using because they purchase a pre-packaged product to install software on, rather than creating their own!



Silversphere is a leader in the senior living technology industry because of the company’s commitment to innovation. Not only does our company aim to be a leader in the evolution of technology, but we also aim to remain a leader in the advancement of company culture as well. Malcolm advised that each engineering employee at Silversphere must be intelligent, passionate about solving industry issues, and comfortable failing. Malcolm believes that being able to learn from mistakes is one of the most valuable traits that any employee can have, and he ensures that his team is made up of the most knowledgeable professionals in the business.

Malcolm also emphasizes the camaraderie and collaboration that the engineering team leverages to innovate. Throughout the innovation process, the team must work closely together to be able to identify opportunities for improvement at each stage of the process.

Silversphere is an industry leading technology company because of the employees that make our company exceptional. We thank Malcolm for his significant contributions to our company throughout the years, and we want to invite our readers to congratulate him for not only making Silversphere a leader in innovation but an incredible place to work!

If you would like to learn more about Silversphere and what our company can do for you, please contact us!

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