At Silversphere, we believe that training opens countless doors to opportunities that benefit not just your staff, but also your residents and community as a whole. Communities undergo training in all sorts of topics, but how do you continue to make those topics relevant and worth being made a priority in the eyes of a learner?

As a System Trainer, I have traveled to various communities around the nation. I have seen first-hand how prioritized training produces amazing results and continues to do so regardless of turnover.

Let’s look at the top three benefits of making technology training a priority in your community.

Benefit #1: Engaged Learners Equals Retention

Even if you are not the one delivering training, make it your priority to ensure your staff remains engaged. Sure, we have all experienced the dull and tedious computer-based course or yawn-worthy speaker. As a leader in your community, encourage your employees to apply what they are learning in activities that ensure they truly know how to do what they just learned. Don’t wait weeks or months, make it a part of the training session either right after or during the training. Many people learn and retain knowledge by doing – so take advantage of that learning method and cement what they are learning.

As a trainer for Silversphere, I ensure we have exercises with the devices and software so I can see if the learner has retained the knowledge of what I am teaching. For those that learn virtually, our interactive training tutorials give the student the knowledge all while allowing them to apply it during training immediately. 

 Benefit #2: Progressive Learning Ensures Application

When you teach a child the building blocks of life, it is done progressively – not all at once. It is no different for an adult, with the exception that as an adult, you have got quite a bit of responsibility piling up on your plate. Bombarding your staff with multiple training sessions or courses in one sitting will almost surely guarantee that they will forget most of what they learned. Give your team the ability to learn the theory followed by real-world examples which help them apply what they learned.

Silversphere addresses this through our just-in-time training tutorials. Our tutorials are created to be short and break down the topics into sections which allows the learner the time to absorb what they learned, take a break, or test their knowledge out before proceeding to the next topic. 

Benefit #3: If the Leader Leads, the Employees Will Follow

We believe that true leaders lead by example. We’ve all heard this line, but it rings so true when training is involved. Learners remain not only focused, but engaged in a training session when they know their supervisors have emphasized this part of the job. This is especially true if the leaders are also learning the technology and will hold their team accountable for system use.

Through my travels to many different communities, I have seen when managers go through training right alongside their staff, ask questions and seek the engagement of their employees. These are my most successful training sessions. When leadership takes these learning opportunities seriously and are attentive and engaged, their staff does the same. Employees feel the pressure to perform much more than those whose managers look at their phones during the meeting or are not present at all.

For example – One community I visited, the managers trained right alongside the care staff on how to operate our fixed devices. While it is true that managers do not typically work the day-to-day emergency call alerts, but it was incredibly refreshing to see managers ready to learn and step up in a time of need. This type of leadership makes the team feel like their jobs are important and give them a sense of value.

Assuring that staff remains engaged during training and do not get ‘learning fatigue’ will result in excellent leadership. They will be not only foster an active learning environment in your community, but better care for your residents.

At Silversphere, we understand as leaders of your community you have many responsibilities. We are here as your partners to educate you and your staff on your emergency call system. So regardless of turnover, your employees will know how and when to access training.

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