Silversphere - Senior Living Technology that is Revolutionizing Senior LivingThe senior living technology industry is flourishing. Companies are finding ways to improve upon the systems they’ve designed. They are coming up with new technology to make senior living safer and better. For the last few decades, the technology industry has been shifting and influencing life as we know it, and senior living technology is no different. With these technologies, Silversphere has seen an increase in satisfaction and quality of life.

Emergency Call Systems

Emergency call systems are the best way to help prevent an accident from becoming something more serious. In these types of situations, time is of the utmost importance. Emergency call systems are a great example of how this industry can evolve. ATMOS and STRATOS are great examples of how senior living technology is changing. ATMOS is a customizable emergency call system that protects the safety and health of seniors. This system is highly customizable and gives the ability for operators to identify a problem or accident moments after it occurs. The best part is the customization, as it umbrellas just about everyone and works with a plethora of products.

Above all, emergency call systems are making it safer and easier to contact someone after an accident, and that’s precisely what they are designed to do. With falls becoming a more prevalent issue in senior living communities, these are the ideal solution to preventing more severe problems.


Senior living technology wouldn’t be complete without being able to measure your health on the go accurately. Wearable technology is becoming a more popular senior living technology as it pushes the user to be better. The more apparent wearables are smart watches; these devices track health and exercise. Wireless pendants that act as an emergency call system make it easy for a resident to get help if an accident occurs. Wearable technology can vary and has a variety of uses.Silversphere - Senior Care Technology that is Revolutionizing Senior Living

Voice Assistants

While this technology doesn’t seem as apparent as the previous one, it is taking the senior community by storm. Voice assistants are a more impressive piece of senior living technology, as they have so many uses. While some may use them only to ask questions, play music, or find recipes, seniors are using them differently. These voice assistants can help a senior with a lot in their day-to-day lives. From reminders for taking medication to task setting, voice assistants are proving to be extremely useful for seniors. Some voice assistants are even capable of contacting emergency services, too!

The real purpose behind senior living technology is to better the lives of the users. While there is plenty of technology we left out, one thing is for sure; technology is pushing senior living into a brighter and more connected future. Seniors are connected to the internet and are growing with technology as time passes. While the world becomes more connected, it is only logical that senior living technology would follow suit. Emergency call systems are just one facet of this technology. If you would like to make your senior living community a safer and brighter place, contact Silversphere, and see the solutions we provide!

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