Resident satisfaction is crucial for senior living executives working to create thriving communities. Satisfied residents lead to more referrals, which leads to a steady income. However, it can be an immense challenge to track true satisfaction in the senior living industry. So, how can technology play a role in creating and measuring satisfaction?

Technology in Care

When residents are well cared for, they will inevitably feel happier. Not only will residents benefit from quality care, but families will also be appreciative when receiving such feedback.

With the implementation of senior living technology, resident care can be increased significantly. Silversphere’s turn-key, customizable emergency call systems provide the opportunity for staff to be notified within seconds of a resident’s need for assistance. Having systems that are customizable allows you to be able to make adaptions based on your community’s unique needs. Even if those needs are in the realm of the independent living, assisted living, or even memory care services, they can help drive satisfaction. Being cared for in a community increases levels of happiness and part of that care derives from safety.


Technology in Safety

There is a multitude of levels on which you can keep your community safe, whether it is monitoring heart rates or monitoring entryways. By implementing technology such as motion detectors on entryways of the community, you can ensure that no one is getting out or in that shouldn’t be. Motion detectors and similar devices can also be placed in the residents’ rooms to monitor movement and ensure individuals are not in need of assistance without the means to ask for it.

There are endless possibilities for incorporating technology into a senior living community to promote safety. This can be seen in simple ways such as smoke or carbon dioxide detectors and in more complex areas such as emergency call system data portals that can track the safety and the success of staff in relation to securing residents’ health. It can be a challenge to stay on top of continually innovated techniques, but without embracing new technology, your community’s satisfaction levels can falter.



Other Realms of Satisfaction

Quality care and community safety are essential – but they are not the only elements needed to achieve resident satisfaction. Other realms of happiness in the community come from the community location, food quality, staff quality, privacy, engagement, friendship, and other areas unique to each individual.

Silversphere Technology

It can be challenging having the understanding and means to be able to cater to each residents’ unique satisfactory wants. However, without appeasing to some level of individualistic needs, resident retention will be nearly impossible. With resident retention and satisfaction, it is important to remain proactive, and not simply reactive. Some ways to stay ahead of negative connotations are by:

  • Using your frontline staff to gather real-time feedback from the resident. Try coaching your other staff members on critical open-ended questions that they can ask each week.
  • Sending photos to family and friends. Fortunately, we live in a digital age where it is easy to send photos of a resident participating in different activities to their family. A picture can help show the resident’s friends and family members all of the exciting activities that happen around the community and stimulate positivity from the inside out.
  • Helping new residents feel at home right away. Friendship Ambassadors are a great way to ensure that a resident is acclimated to the community. More tenured residents can buddy up with the new resident to “show them the ropes.” These small pieces of advice can help make sure the new resident has a pleasant experience. The Ambassador can also be a liaison back to the management team if they feel there are any concerns.  

In reality, resident retention translates into community success, and resident satisfaction plays a significant role in resident retention. To learn more about resident retention, safety, and satisfaction, download Silversphere’s Guidebook for Resident Retention.


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