This week we bring you a guest blogger! Meet Malcolm Graham, Senior Vice President of Operations at Silversphere. Malcolm will be taking over a technology series for us, discussing how to effectively navigate the pitfalls of changing and adopting new technology. 

Change is happening all around us, relentlessly morphing the landscape of our industry. Technology and aging are at an incredible crossroads of that changing landscape, with opportunities for us to leverage innovations that are a part of that change. The only caveat is harnessing this whirling sea of technology and tools rather than having it set us sailing on fragmented journeys.

The world around us is evolving, slowly and without pause. That’s an evolutionary change, painlessly altering the environment around us without turning our experience on its head.

Revolutionary pain, on the other hand, is a quick upheaval of your best practices, habits and if you happen to win the revolution, it’s the introduction of new systems, processes and key performance indicators.

Historically in the world of technology, everything revolves around revolutionary change. We get fired up about a new solution or product; turn everything upside down to implement this new revolutionary juggernaut only to end up over budget, with a demoralized implementation team and often with many of those implementation goals going unmet.

The pain of revolutionary change is hard, but then again so is waiting. Nearly every infrastructure solution I’ve ever purchased or built has this reality at its core. It’s going to be disruptive. We have to create an implementation plan, we need training and oversight, we need to hurry up and get all of this together because our old system is failing. These realities make for a pretty difficult scenario to get a win.

Throughout history, many revolutions have failed. It takes exceptional talent, planning and discipline, while in the face of great adversity to successfully change the status quo through revolution.

Evolutionary change adopts a different course. Drip, drip, drip: change continuously erodes the rock into a waterfall, and while this doesn’t happen overnight, it happens almost without notice.

What if we could have the best of both worlds? What if we could have innovative tools, current data and consistent environment with changes happening almost unnoticeably?  

Silversphere wants to help you create a culture of change by consistently working with your team to incorporate innovation one bit at a time rather than walking the whole elephant into your community every seven to ten years.

Our Infinity program is the evolutionary change solution. We work to bring you meaningful change throughout the year in a way that minimizes the operational impact.

We continuously align your vision with your current tools and how you measure success along with supervising your outcomes and KPIs when they change, not when you buy a new system. Finally, we give your management team the insights they need to focus on their residents and staff instead of struggling to monitor technology adoption behaviors.


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