Silversphere Tech Support TrainingThis month, Silversphere is highlighting the hard work and dedication of our exceptional technical support department. We spoke with Brian, the Director of Technical Support, to explore the intricacies of the technical support experience and how each employee contributes to the overall success of Silversphere’s goals.

Brian shared that technical support is more than knowing about products and services; it’s about providing a warming, helpful experience while solving a problem. He believes that communication skills, professional training, and product knowledge can come together to create a streamlined process for resolving technical issues.

Brian has shared some of his thoughts about providing critical technical support experience to our partners and what happens behind the scenes of tech support:


At Silversphere, we believe that before something can become great, it must be harnessed and focused into something meaningful and powerful. We take this same approach with each of our employees because we know that where there is potential, there is greatness. With this approach, Silversphere emphasizes its training programs and ensures that our employees are incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and helpful before they ever get the chance to assist one of our partners.

Each technical support employee is trained for at least four to six weeks before they get on the phone. During this time, team members receive rigorous training on our products, services, and company values to guarantee success. This training is a crucial part of the onboarding for our employees.

After our employees understand our company and its offerings intimately, we train them on how to provide an outstanding customer service experience. Compassion, empathy, listening skills, and, occasionally, a little bit of humor are all components of a seamless experience. Our goal is to not only have our partners hanging up happier than when they initially called but to have their problem solved within a matter of minutes!


Silversphere believes in the importance to display empathy on each and every call that we answer, and we take that seriously. We make sure that our employees listen to the issue at hand, work with the customer to find a reasonable solution quickly, and end the call with a problem solved and a smile on their face.

Because we value empathy so highly, we search for employees that show genuine compassion for helping others. We believe that anyone can learn about our products and services but teaching someone empathy and genuine concern is much more difficult. This is why the most appealing trait of all of our employees is their outstanding display of compassion during a call!


Silversphere Tech Support Blog

Training is nothing without continued improvement. We believe that once an employee receives training, they are knowledgeable, but they aren’t exempt from future learning. Employees that strive to learn and grow will continue to succeed and achieve their goals, as well as Silversphere’s. Each employee at Silversphere understands the value of continual improvement, and it is a significant part of what we do every day.

Silversphere Tech Support representatives receive regular training and company updates, meetings, and other opportunities for them to hone their skills and expand their knowledge. We see these opportunities as a resource for representatives, as well as our partners. We know that you need answers quickly. Whether it’s a long-term product we’ve had or one that is entirely brand new, we promise that our representatives will work with you closely to diagnose the issue and provide a solution.

At Silversphere, we value our partners so profoundly that we have created a rigorous process that guarantees we handle each call professionally, skillfully, and happily. When combined with our industry-leading products, our technical support services are merely the icing on the cake.

We want to thank Brian for sharing his knowledge and expertise with our blog readers!

If you would like to learn more about Silversphere and our products, please visit our website.

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