Silversphere Customer Journey

At Silversphere, our company works to not only create innovative technologies for senior living communities, but we also specialize in providing solutions to our partners. Throughout the years, Silversphere has developed products that improve the lives of seniors, provide partners with a cost-effective safety solution, and work to modernize senior living communities as a whole.

In an industry flooded with technology, it can be difficult to stand out. Many companies struggle to be noticed, but Silversphere uses a methodology that has taken years to develop to create new business relationships. We took a few minutes to speak to Rick Taylor, the Senior Vice President of Market Expansion, to learn more about how Silversphere differentiates itself in the market!

Silversphere’s Senior Vice President of Market Expansion

While speaking with Rick, we learned that he has worked at Silversphere for over 23 years! Although he has been with us for a long time, he says that he still passionately cares about Silversphere’s commitment to improving the lives of seniors and giving them a secure, independent lifestyle. He mentions that throughout his time at Silversphere, the most rewarding experience that he’s had knowing he has been able to “help grow the seeds along the way” and make a lasting impact.

Rick said that if he could accomplish any goal at Silversphere, it would be to promote the use of predictive senior living technology. He said that with the help of predictive technology, Silversphere is able to notice changes and warnings that alert the staff about a resident’s health, which prevents severe injuries. Rick stated that his favorite part about working at Silversphere is the exceptional group of people that he gets to work with every day.

We Don’t Sell, We Solve

We asked Rick what makes Silversphere different through the sales process, and he advised that Silversphere is not interested in pitching their products. Our company is more interested in consulting as a means of selling our products as it focuses on the customer’s problem, rather than only our offerings. He said that he believes a company should identify an issue and match it with a product solution, rather than taking a product and looking for problems to solve with it. Rick wants the customer to voice what they’re looking for in a product because Silversphere intends to provide an ideal solution.

Although some of the Silversphere sales processes are similar to other companies, there are a few things that differentiate Silversphere from other companies. Rick mentioned that an essential step in the sales process is to ensure that Silversphere aligns with all of its partners. This means that every partner of Silversphere must be reputable, trusted, and have the needs of residents in mind.

Rick mentioned that the sales process at Silversphere includes steps that:

  • Target
  • Engage
  • Align
  • Justify
  • Propose
  • Drive
  • Commit
  • Partner

Through this process, several departments of Silversphere are called upon to offer expert advice, consultations, and analytical assessments. The formulation of a team during the sales process is essential because it allows Silversphere to form a spearhead and deliver a proposal to the partner with absolute confidence.

Consistent Excellence

While the unique sales process that Silversphere uses helps to differentiate the company from others in the market, the employees at Silversphere are the hidden force behind Silversphere’s success. Rick stated that sales employees at Silversphere must be self-starters, comfortable with hearing and understanding “no” and have a passion for helping people in the senior living industry. He told us that his employees are trained for a minimum of 90 days to ensure that they understand the products thoroughly, comprehend what partners are looking for, and contribute to the success of the company.

Although the official hours for the sales department are from 9 AM to 5 PM, Rick mentioned that his team will go above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy our clients. During the interview, he talked about times where employees have gone above and beyond to help clients close on New Year’s Eve and other holidays, as well as times where sales employees would run to another department to solve an issue for a client if it needed to be done quickly. Although not always ideal, these stories represent how Silversphere is a leader in the industry and Rick is exceptionally proud of his team for going above and beyond their calls of duty.

Many times, the sales process is not highlighted in technology companies, and it’s unclear as to what a company’s goals are. At Silversphere, we believe in being professional, honest, and trusting with our partners because we are working to improve the lives of seniors all over the world! We thank Rick for taking the time to share his story with our readers, and we congratulate him on being a key contributor to the success of Silversphere.

If you would like to learn how Silversphere can identify and solve your community’s resident safety issues, please contact us!

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