Quality senior care is an essential part of any senior care silversphere_blog_postcommunity, but it is also prone to many challenges. Senior care is a specialized subject, and the staff at senior care communities need to have the right training, technology, and expertise to keep their residents safe.

While all aspects of senior care can be challenging, patients with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia can be even more difficult to care for. We have all heard the stories of loved ones who wandered away from home or left a senior care facility without the knowledge of relatives or staff members.

Silversphere technology can prevent residents of senior care homes from wandering away and getting lost or injured. This technology allows for customizable motion detection and alert notification. The combination of motion detection and alert monitoring is designed to notify the staff if a senior resident is someplace they should not be. That kind of early warning system can literally be a lifesaver. It is a sad fact of life that many nursing homes and senior care centers are understaffed. The overworked employees of these centers may be responsible for a dozen or more residents at a time, and that can lead to safety issues and other problems.

Technology can help the owners of senior care homes do more with the staff they have available. Resident Check-In and ATMOSTM Mobile are just two examples of how Silversphere technology can improve staff efficiency at assisted living, independent living, and memory care communities. Information is collected through our ATMOSTM emergency call system  and wirelessly sent to STRATOS™ where it is compiled for easy viewing, data tracking, and to provide an all-around more effective caregiver experience. ATMOS™ Mobile allows any caregiver to have the right information at the right time no matter where they are. That information includes system data and alerts, you can accept alerts and request backup from one device, as well as view caregiver shift and break times and immediate document disposition form anywhere. By working more efficiently, the managers of these facilities can create a safer and more engaging environment for their residents. A few simple changes can create an environment that is warmer, more welcoming and more conducive to a great quality of life.

The right technology can help senior care communities improve their quality of care without increasing their costs or impacting other aspects of their operation. Continual improvement in care and resident well-being should be the number-one goal of every facility, and new technology is making that possible like never before. It is easy to look at technology as just another tool to improve care, but there is another important benefit as well. It is not enough for senior care homes to react to problems after they have occurred. Quality facilities take a proactive approach to patient care and well-being, and the right technology can make that process a lot easier.

Silversphere’s cloud-based reporting system allows the managers of senior care homes to receive customized system and staff analytics that can help prevent future problems. At the same time, those reports can aid in future staff development and allow the facility to provide even better care in the future.Technology is changing virtually every aspect of our lives, from the way we communicate and access entertainment to the way we care for our elderly loved ones. From motion detectors and monitoring systems to staff analytics, the technology Silversphere provides can keep seniors safe and give their loved ones much-needed peace of mind.




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