Silversphere’s Relationship-Based Business Approach

At Silversphere, we believe that the companies we work with are more than just customers; they’re relationships that we must manage and maintain to keep healthy. We know that when a relationship falls apart, your company has not only lost business and money, it’s lost a connection that could have generated many referrals for your business. We sat down with Karen O’Hara, Strategic Account Manager at Silversphere, to discuss what she thinks about relationship management.

Account Management at Silversphere

Throughout her time at Silversphere, Karen has been instrumental in the development and maintenance of our relationship-based business strategy. Currently, Karen has been with the company for a year. She has already had many opportunities to leave an impact on our clients in her time at Silversphere. Karen explained that she loves creating connections with teams and inspiring creative changes to improve customer experiences.

Karen likes account management because she loves to work alongside the innovative people of Silversphere. She mentioned that she also enjoys making differences in the senior living industry. She explained that while she has worked in the senior living industry for over 20 years, she believes that her account management role is just as significant as her previous roles in the industry.

Relationship-Based Business

A large part of Silversphere’s success is because our company emphasizes getting to know clients and understanding their role in the relationship. According to Karen, Silversphere works hard to get to know clients on a personal level so our teams can understand the needs, wants, and concerns of all of the company’s clients. She even noted that Silversphere, like many other companies, gets many ideas from clients and eventually implements them if they are good ideas!

When asked about an example of Silversphere going “above and beyond” to please its clients, Karen recalled a story that she says is one of her favorites. She said that when one company had committed to using Silversphere’s products in their construction projects, Silversphere had the intention of providing the company a discount as a gesture of appreciation. Instead, Silversphere decided to donate that money toward the client’s employee benevolent fund as they learned about how much the company cared about its employees. By ensuring they understood what the company cared about most, Silversphere was able to make a lasting impact on their client.

Dedication to Excellence

At Silversphere, we dedicate our teams to providing an exceptional experience to each of our clients. We provide high-quality service to senior living communities around the country. Safety technology and health risks are significant concerns, which is why our account managers are knowledgeable and demonstrate professional responsibility. No matter where they are, they are representing Silversphere not only as a brand but as a philosophy.

We want to thank Karen for sharing her knowledge with our readers. We appreciate her in-depth insight into the world of relationship-based business. We look forward to creating (and continuing to create!) meaningful relationships with each and every Silversphere partner. If you would like to learn more about our brand and our wireless emergency call systems, please contact us!

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