Silverpshere Business Training Program

In the world of business, training is an essential piece to the puzzle that is your company. Without proper training, many employees would be unaware of the standardized practices and values that your company has.  It is pivotal that employees have a deep understanding of the way your business functions. Silversphere believes businesses can never have too much time spent on learning these functions. When a business makes training a priority, it is likely to see several benefits early on as your employees are more capable of accomplishing tasks.

At Silversphere, nobody knows the importance of training more than Sasha Rodriguez. Sasha is currently the system trainer at Silversphere, and she has been working for the company for almost three years! We decided to speak to Sasha to learn more about why she is so passionate about the subject and why she believes that training is crucial not only to Silversphere but to any business.

The Silversphere Commitment to Success

According to Sasha, “Training should never be looked at as a ‘cost,’ but rather a pure investment into that company’s future success and growth!” Sasha believes that many companies focus on the cost that is required to train employees while forgetting the variety of benefits that the company is receiving. Although training can be costly, it’s necessary to ensure that your team can be ahead of the curve and innovative.

If companies don’t invest in their employees, it makes it difficult for the employees to invest anything in the company. A highly trained employee will perform much better than one with no training. It is essential to remember that training is not lost money, it’s an investment in the future.

Silversphere is dedicated to providing exceptional training to our clients and employees to provide an exemplary user experience. Sasha mentioned that one day, she would like to see Silversphere’s training exercises to be entirely virtual reality, giving customers the most realistic experience possible. Our company is already implementing some of these features, and we plan to continually enhance our training experiences with Sasha’s help.

Currently, Silversphere offers several training programs for employees, including training sessions in:

  • Onboarding
  • Refresher Training
  • Product/Service Offering Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Professional Development

A Culture of Training Programs

While speaking with Sasha, we learned that she believes training should never be an employee being provided information. Sasha believes that this method can be ineffective as many people have trouble recalling information when presented this way. Sasha says that “training should always be an experience” because people will always remember an immersive experience more than an instructional lecture.

At Silversphere, our employees begin training the moment they are hired and continue that training to keep improving and learning about the industry. With recent advancements in Silversphere’s training programs, Sasha believes the amount of time it takes an employee to learn about the company has been reduced by roughly 66%! During this time, employees learn about the business, begin to understand their role in the industry and learn how we interact with our customers.

When asked about Silversphere’s training Sasha mentioned that “Our training is comprised of interactive experiences that help immerse the learner and has them work through the training.  We ensure the learner experiences what it’s like using our software or using a product, and we base it off of real day-to-day scenarios, ensuring they retain what they learn.”

Sasha says that when training employees, it’s essential to keep three things in mind:

  1. Understand what the goal is for the learner, what are they expecting to get out of your training.
  2. Listen to the feedback being given; adjust your approach based on the learner’s needs.
  3. There are no dumb questions. All questions are answered respectfully and ensuring the learner understood the answer given before moving on.

Although many companies struggle with training employees, Silversphere has found a way to prevail! Thankfully for Silversphere, Sasha has been instrumental in the improvements that our company has made to our training programs. During the discussion, Sasha advised:

“Silversphere understands the importance of having a trained workforce ready to provide the level of care that is expected of them while using our life safety systems. It’s what pushes us to work harder to make our tools not only readily available but created with a just-in-time perspective, so it’s available when you need it!”

We would like to thank Sasha for taking the time to share her opinions and experiences with us! Sasha’s diligent work has improved our company and set a standard in the senior living industry. We look forward to enhancing experiences not only for our employees but for our customers as well. To learn more about Silversphere’s training programs and support, please visit our website!

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