Keith Cross Tech Support Spotlight

This month, Silversphere is recognizing Keith Cross for his commitment to excellence in the community and to our company!

Keith Cross was born in a small hospital in Sturgis, Michigan, where most of his family currently lives. He told us that he lived in central Florida most of his life because his mother was not a fan of the cold weather in Michigan!

His fiancé, Regina, who he has been together with for almost six years, is the love of his life and they are getting married at the beginning of August this year! The two also have a fur baby, a 10-year-old American Eskimo, and Retriever mix that they adopted a little over four years ago.

One of Keith’s dreams as a child was to become a pilot and fly planes. Although he didn’t end up becoming a pilot, he has taken flying classes that have allowed him to fly a real plane!

Throughout his life, Keith has faced hardship and overcome challenges that others would be proud of. While speaking with Keith, he said “I am actually a college drop out. I left college after a few months when I was 18 to enlist in the Army. I have recently returned to school, where I am perusing an engineering support certificate at Daytona State College. Rocking that 4.0 GPA and I’m planning on keeping it!”

Keith says that the culture at Silversphere is like no other. He passionately stated that “most of the people you work with become more than just people you spend 40+ hours a week with. You get to see everyone working to achieve greatness.”

It has been over five years since Keith became an employee at Silversphere, and we’ve valued him ever since! He told us that the best thing about working in the customer support field is that he gets to talk with people all over the country that all have different stories to tell and unique lives.

“Because of Silversphere, I have worked and interacted with professions and people I would never have known about before, giving me goals and aspirations to reach for.”

During his first six months of working at Silversphere, we had an annual Christmas party. On the Friday of the Christmas party, he had to drive to Naples, Florida for an emergency service call to fix a life safety issue. Instead of celebrating with all of the company, Keith put in eight hours’ worth of driving to ensure the safety of a community’s residents. What an outstanding, caring guy!

If you’re ever in town for a Silversphere event, you’ll easily be able to pick Keith out of a crowd, as his kilt is the centerpiece of all of his favorite outfits!

Keith, we want to thank you for being an outstanding employee and an excellent person to be around. Join us in congratulating him and celebrating his dedication to Silversphere today!

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