Monitor Employee ActivityIn our previous blog, Helpful Tips to Improve Employee Retention In Senior Livingwe discuss how one of the most essential factors of a successful senior living community, is indeed employee retention. Retaining employees allows them to build relationships with residents and staff. These relationships are the foundation for genuine care – crucial for senior living! It is also vitally important to retain the right employees. One of the best ways to ensure you are retaining the right employees is to monitor employee activity, and then reward!

How do you define a reward? This could be half-shifts, a new vending machine, or a fun pizza party!

How to Gather Data

To gather appropriate data, you’ll first need to focus on what matters the most to you and your senior living community. What is your mission? What are your values? Whether your focus is individualized care or quality amenities, there are ways to monitor the activity of your employees. 

  • Poll Residents – This method significantly entrusts residents and may not be applicable within a memory care community.
  • Monitor Reviews – There must be constant review of all comments left by families and on various platforms such as Yelp or Google+.
  • Set Goals – When you assign or delegate tasks for employees, i.e., have a less than 5-minutes response time to an emergency pendant alarm, then follow up and evaluate.


Without gathering the proper data, you could be retaining employees that do not align with overall community goals. Polling community members and monitoring online and in-house reviews are ways to review activity, but various outside factors could also skew the results. The best way to efficiently monitor employee activity is by setting goals and supervising their completion.

Monitoring Tools

The monitoring tools that would be best for your community correlates with your staff goals. If senior safety and comfort is one of your main priorities, then you can use your emergency response system to monitor your employees. However, do not just use it as a staff scare tactic, but rather as an 

Monitor Employee Activity

incentive. I’ll do anything for a pizza party – or ice cream, just saying!

So, why not use your community monitoring tools as incentives for employees? Not only are you retaining the right kind of employees, but you are also ensuring they are working hard. While monitoring employee activity, set goals. For example, if the entire team responds to emergency calls all under 5 minutes for two weeks; they will receive some sort of reward. Ideally, you want employees to work as ethically as possible all the time but providing incentives does not diminish their work at all.

With a proper real-time data reporting system you can monitor response time, call volume, and call orientation. This data will, in turn, make your management more efficient which will provide better care for residents. Retaining employees in senior living can be a challenge, but it is essential to retain the correct type of employees! Be sure to monitor employees for proper job execution and reward a job well done. If you currently monitor employees and you are satisfied with community executions – make sure your employees feel rewarded for their hard work! 

For more information on a real-time reporting system to better monitor employee activity and save money, fill out our form and get more info today!

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