Taking care of seniors is rewarding work, but it also physically demanding and stressful. As a result, the employee turnover rate for our industry is typically high. It is crucial to pay close attention to circumstances that can aid in reducing turnover risk, such as training your team appropriately from the start. Team members who understand the proper way to do their job, know the expectations and have the right tools are set up for success. Those that are left to figure out processes on their own are likely to become frustrated and leave. 

Making a commitment to ensure your team is adequately trained can make a positive difference in your turnover rate, the quality of care that your residents receive, and the overall satisfaction of your team. Silversphere offers our partners on-site training to their team to ensure everyone involved is receiving the information they need to be successful in their role.

Understanding Roles & Increasing Job Satisfaction

A team member who knows their expectations and understands the job from the start will have a much better success rate than those left to fend for themselves. Taking the time to train new employees properly is crucial to helping them understand the dynamics of the community they work for and increase their overall levels of job satisfaction.

While your new employees may have experience in the senior living industry, they need to understand your team’s culture, your processes, and your expectations as a community. On-site training is a great way to teach new team members, and refresh current team members knowledge, as well as help them acclimate to your team better. While it can cost you time, effort, and money to do this, the price to properly train employees is more cost-effective than constant employee turnover!

On-site Training and Course Refreshers

The truth behind on-site training and course refreshers is fairly simple: they are necessary. The senior living industry is one that provides very little room for error. While your team members may have found a groove, your newcomers are likely thrown in the deep end and left to sink or swim. On-site training can help your new team members adjust to their roles before undertaking the responsibilities of the job. 

This type of training, while it may seem laborious, can save you in the long-run. What’s the best way to ensure a newcomer understands their role and they have the skillset to accomplish their goals? Hands-on training, on-site training is just that. It allows your newly hired team member to test the waters and acclimate to their new position in the best possible fashion while encouraging them to ask the important questions about their role. While there can be several solutions to employee turnover, on-site training is a key staple to properly accommodating and training your new team member. 

The Real Cost of Employee Turnover

The direct costs associated with the termination of an employee averages around $2,500 to $3,000 and can cost you far more in the long run. The indirect costs can be much more detrimental towards your team. These indirect damages come in the form of caregiver burnout due to increasing shift workloads, inconsistency of care, family/resident concerns, and lack of teamwork. The senior living industry requires a significant amount of attention, and inconsistent quality of care and a lack of a team dynamic can put your community in a negative light to residents and family members.

In the senior living industry, employee turnover can cost you and your company more than previously thought. The best way to reduce turnover is to implement the necessary training for your team from the start, and continuously look for ways to improve your employees’ job satisfaction. Silversphere has taken this approach for many years, and it has shown its value almost immediately. Our training team’s goal is to provide you and your team with the knowledge to make sure you are equipped to operate your emergency call system at all times. If you are a Silversphere partner, click here to schedule a training consultation! If you are not a Silversphere partner, we encourage you to visit our website to learn more about our training philosophy.

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