If you are using an emergency call system or nursing call system, like Silversphere’s technology solutions, you know just how much data you create on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. While this can fluctuate based on how you are using the technology and size of your senior living facility, chances are – it is still a lot of data. So how is this information beneficial to your organization? Let’s look at how you can benefit by leveraging trends and insights.

Injury Prevention

Using our technology STRATOS™ you can predict better, situations that could lead to resident injuries. Combining data from a variety of sensors, like bed sensors, and door sensors, you can monitor how many times a resident is up moving around and if it is a situation that’s likely going to lead them to be hurt. If your resident needs assistance visiting the restroom, but they are doing so several times a night without asking for help – there’s a higher probability of harm.

Looking for trends in this data allows you to better staff your senior living community and ensures the safety of residents. 


            Monitoring emergency call system data for trends such as when a community is receiving the most alerts, or how long calls go without being answered, can reveal deficiencies in staffing. If calls are open for extended periods without notes(which you can easily add within your STRATOS™ system) to explain, it might be time to hire more help. On the flipside, if your community is experiencing a low volume of emergency calls and they are answered instantly with little effort, you might have a surplus in staff.

            These insights allow you to efficiently staff your senior living facility with the optimal amount of team members to better serve your residents.


            It is all in the marketing. Offering safety measures with the data to back up how effective the precautions are, is impressive to potential residents and their families. When polled, senior safety is consistently a top concern of the families of prospective residents… Why not show them you are better than the rest?

            Having technology better than your competitors and the ability to show people how you are leveraging it to better improve safety and injury prevention goes a long way in keeping your residents and their families happy.


Interested in learning what STRATOS™ can do for your community? Contact us to learn more!





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