Silversphere Relationship Based Business
This month, Silversphere is excited to highlight one of our outstanding employees, Karen O’Hara! Karen has worked with Silversphere for just over a year, and has already made some lasting impacts on our company! We took some time to sit down with Karen and learn about her incredible story so that we could share it with our readers! Continue reading

Malcolm Silversphere Engineering Difference
At Silversphere, we believe in making meaningful changes in the industry. We wanted to take a moment to highlight our dedication to innovation, so we sat down with Malcolm Graham, Senior Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Silversphere, to talk about some of the things that Silversphere does to differentiate itself in the market.
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Silversphere Customer Journey

At Silversphere, our company works to not only create innovative technologies for senior living communities, but we also specialize in providing solutions to our partners. Throughout the years, Silversphere has developed products that improve the lives of seniors, provide partners with a cost-effective safety solution, and work to modernize senior living communities as a whole. Continue reading

Keith Cross Tech Support Spotlight

This month, Silversphere is recognizing Keith Cross for his commitment to excellence in the community and to our company!

Keith Cross was born in a small hospital in Sturgis, Michigan, where most of his family currently lives. He told us that he lived in central Florida most of his life because his mother was not a fan of the cold weather in Michigan!

His fiancé, Regina, who he has been together with for almost six years, is the love of his life and they are getting married at the beginning of August this year! The two also have a fur baby, a 10-year-old American Eskimo, and Retriever mix that they adopted a little over four years ago. Continue reading

Supportive Experience Brian SilversphereThe tech support industry is massive and includes an endless list of companies that provide tech support services to customers all over the United States. With an industry so large, it can be challenging to stand out and push ahead. Silversphere is committed to being a cutting-edge company not only when it comes to wireless emergency call systems, but also when our partners contact us with questions about our products.

We know that we produce great products, but we also know that you’re going to have questions about them. We don’t expect our customers to know everything about what we do, which is why we provide technical support that bolsters our company’s value and puts a smile on your face. Silversphere has refined our technical support department to become a resource for our customers through our values, practices, and commitment to excellence. Continue reading

Silversphere Company's Best Asset BlogA company’s employees are the greatest driving force behind a successful business. If you think about it, employees are the ones that fulfill the promises of the business, personify the values, and make the magic happen. The culture of the company is essential because it sets the stage for everything in the industry.

Silversphere has upheld this belief for many generations. Taking care of their employees has remained a cornerstone over the last 70 plus years. Continue reading

Silversphere Tech Support TrainingThis month, Silversphere is highlighting the hard work and dedication of our exceptional technical support department. We spoke with Brian, the Director of Technical Support, to explore the intricacies of the technical support experience and how each employee contributes to the overall success of Silversphere’s goals.

Brian shared that technical support is more than knowing about products and services; it’s about providing a warming, helpful experience while solving a problem. He believes that communication skills, professional training, and product knowledge can come together to create a streamlined process for resolving technical issues. Continue reading

Silversphere Community Care SolutionsWith every year that passes, more senior living communities open their doors to welcome new residents. With the growing number of senior living communities in the market, having a community that is competitive and successful can be challenging. More communities are beginning to have luxurious amenities, unique services, and detailed community care solution programs.

Your community’s care solutions are the driving forces that attract residents. Without well-planned care solutions, a community can appear to be unprepared or unprofessional. Silversphere stresses the importance of developing a community care plan and implementing the plan to ensure the safety of community residents. Continue reading

Silversphere Quality Management Blog Pendants

Quality assurance plus quality control for total quality management is a team effort.

Understanding the differences between quality assurance and quality control is essential for learning how to achieve total quality management. In the Electronics Production Department at Silversphere, our work is never-ending in continuing to master this concept. At Silversphere, we tailor our current methods towards the work of an electronic production team. These processes can be modified for any company or department to help fit the needs of their quality standards and goals. Continue reading