People forget things. And our older loved ones forget things. Sometimes it can be hard to spot the early signs of dementia or early onset of Alzheimer’s. But knowing the signs and what to look for is critical in providing your residents with the appropriate level of care. Below we highlight some of the earliest. 

1. Frequent Forgetfulness

While forgetting the occasional name or an appointment is something that happens to everyone, people struggling with dementia tend to forget recent events. Another sign? Lack of recall, even when reminded.

2. Routine Struggles

While anyone may occasionally forget what they meant to do next. a dementia patient has increasing difficulty performing familiar, routine tasks, like making a phone call or tying a shoe.

3. Language Lapse

People with Alzheimer’s are often, literally, at a loss for words. One of the early signs of Alzheimer’s is the substitution of familiar words with unusual ones.

4. Beyond Lost Keys

Occasionally, everyone loses everyday essentials, like keys and glasses, but unfortunately people with Alzheimer’s tend to find these items in unusual places, like the oven or the sock drawer.

5. Time Warp

Dementia patients often lose a sense of time and place, getting lost in even the most familiar surroundings.


Learning to diferentiate between the normal slowing down and memory loss that comes with aging, and the more pronounced occurrences that signal Alzheimer’s or dementia,is critical. In order to safely care for your residents, it is important to recognize the need to move from independent living to assisted living or even memory care. 

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