Silversphere Manufacturing Efficiency

At Silversphere, we are on a constant mission to improve our products and how they are manufactured. We have implemented multiple techniques with the goal of achieving the most productivity while minimizing wasted efforts and expenses. Silversphere has implemented the following methods for efficiency improvement:

  • Organization
  • Repetition and simplifying tasks
  • Kitting products for runs
  • Increasing the run quantity
  • Introduction of new machinery

Each of these steps is vital to reaching a correct efficiency level for your manufacturing.

Organization of inventory, including product, tools, and information, is the first step. Countless hours saved due to assemblers knowing where to look for tools needed to complete a task.
Simplifying tasks for assemblers to repeat the same functions is another way we have improved efficiency. Speed and accuracy are inherited through repetition rather than effort when assembling the product. This train of thought will limit mistakes, which in turn, saves time otherwise spent fixing them.

Kitting runs have proven to not only increase productivity but they are one of the critical elements in improving our inventory accuracy. This technique is when someone, other than the assembler tasked with completing a work order, pulls the items from inventory needed to complete the work order. Assigning this task to the same individuals is another way to create repetition and simplify a task. This repetition allows them to increase speed and accuracy by practice. It also limits the number of hands-on inventory.

IMG_9170We have increased the number of our runs to limit the total amount of time it takes an assembler to prepare for a run and clean up once the run is complete. It can be challenging to achieve this in a high mix low volume production environment. We have been able to implement this approach to our more top-selling products through forecasting.

Last, but certainly not least of all, machinery. As one of the leading emergency call system manufacturers, Silversphere is always taking steps to utilize the most advanced technology in the industry. We significantly increase efficiency using the speed and accuracy of updated machinery. We currently use a pick and place line, selective solder, 3D printer, sonic welder, and are investigating the advantages of adding robotics.



Efficiency in manufacturing is an essential element in eliminating failures. We work to build a product that is consistent, reliable, and up to Silversphere’s industry-leading standards.

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