Safety and Independence at Assisted Living with Silversphere's senior technology solutions

While assisted living communities provide valuable senior care, independence is still on the minds of residents. Having the ability to retain their independence while in an assisted living community is a huge asset to your business.

Thanks to our Silverphere technology solutions, assisted living communities can keep their residents safe and secure while providing them with the freedom and independence they crave. 

Independence Through Technology

Our first piece of technology came in 1980 when we invented what is now commonly referred to as resident check-in, which quickly became an industry standard. This technology allows residents of a community to “check-in” with staff members from the convenience of their room. Depending on the system, this check-in can occur by pushing a button, or through motion-activated sensors established in a room.

This check-in feature allows the resident to remain safe and secure, while also maintaining their independence; allowing community staff to focus on other residents, and supporting an independent lifestyle for the resident.

Safety Technology Solutions

It is easy to offer independence to your assisted living residents with Silversphere technology, like our emergency call system, ATMOS, in place. Our wireless systems allow you to grow with your residents as their needs change, which will enable residents to maintain independence longer. If a resident becomes a fall risk, additional system features can be implemented to notice and signal if a fall has taken place. These features also provide comfort to family members knowing additional technology is available.

Features like wander management, allow residents to safely and freely roam the community without staff having to fear them being lost. Our wireless pendants give staff the ability to know when there’s an emergency and when they occur. These pendants afford a resident alone time while guaranteeing a prompt response from caregivers if an emergency were to happen. 

Connectivity and Safety

Connectivity and safety, if implemented properly, can give way to an independent lifestyle. Allowing an assisted living community and its staff to be connected to each resident offers caregivers the ability to check in on residents wirelessly. Without this connectivity, caregivers, and staff in a community push to oversee each resident with little to no freedom.

In the Information Era, connectivity = safety = independence. This is true outside of assisted living communities as well, with smartphones defining the way many people live, allowing us to connect from anywhere, at any time. Such insight comes from our solution STRATOS. STRATOS fully connects staff and caregivers to real-time data and reporting. Giving them a tool to view call volume by residents allows staff and caregivers to react proactively and provide better care.

Silversphere solutions, like ATMOS and STRATOS, foster independence by allowing residents to continue to manage certain aspects of their lives without the fear of an emergency going unnoticed. With these solutions, you can guarantee the well-being of your residents; this afforded freedom and safety gives residents a much-needed sense of independence. If you want to read more about Silversphere or our solutions, you can find more information here.

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