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This month, Silversphere is excited to highlight one of our outstanding employees, Karen O’Hara! Karen has worked with Silversphere for just over a year, and has already made some lasting impacts on our company! We took some time to sit down with Karen and learn about her incredible story so that we could share it with our readers!

Karen is a Florida native, born in Clearwater, Florida, but moved to Ohio when she was five and spent the first ten years of her career in Cincinnati. She graduated from Huntington University and earned a double major degree in accounting and business management. She told us that she originally envisioned being a certified public accountant but decided to change her mind when she participated in an “Adopt a Grandparent” program at a local nursing home. Karen told us that this is the moment she realized she had a passion for making positive changes in the senior living industry. It was after she completed a nine-month internship as a nursing home administrator that she began working in the industry!

Karen says that growing up, her family taught her to respect seniors, engage them, and assist community members in improving their lives. She told us that she spent a week every summer with her great aunt, who lived in a continuing care retirement community. When her great aunt and uncle would come to visit, Karen would help to take care of them.

At Silversphere, Karen is currently our Operations Specialist and talks about how much she loves her job. She says the most rewarding part about working at Silversphere is that she has the opportunity to provide meaningful technology solutions to communities. “I’ve spent most of my career in senior living management. I’ve learned so much about technology and the possibilities and solutions that technology can bring to senior living.”

In her free time, Karen says that she loves to take her Jeep off-roading and have fun. Around the office, Karen is known for starting impromptu happy hour sessions where she brings in smoked salmon and other delicious meals to share with the office in the bistro!

We thank Karen for spending some time with us to share her story. We want to recognize her contributions to the improvement of the senior living industry and Silversphere!

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