Social media has quickly become a necessity for any business. While it may not be something immediately thought of as being beneficial for senior living communities, it is a great way to subtly market who you are and what you offer. Learning how to leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin can put you in front of potential residents, adult children and delight your current residents.

Become an Industry Leader

Social media is a great way to promote information that your target audience will find relevant. Sharing articles about the differences between assisted living and nursing homes, how to budget for senior living, and downsizing tips for moving are great resources for people considering a lifestyle change. Bonus: if you create this content yourself through blogs, you get to promote your own brand without it coming across as a sales pitch (a must on social media).

Communicate with Residents

Another important audience you will want to interact with on social media are your current residents. This provides a way to delight them by sharing their posts, replying to their comments and being relatable. While it’s true that not everyone participates in social media people over the age of 50 make up 26% of Facebook’s user group. Posting things like activity calendars, pictures from events and resident spotlights are a great way to engage with residents.

Show Your Personality

Social media shouldn’t be overly formal or serious. If you are all business, all the time, you probably won’t have a chance of any post of yours going viral. In case you aren’t familiar with viral, it means a post of yours is shared by thousands and receives national recognition. It also shouldn’t be all sales all the time. Social media is an outlet to strategically promote your company, but not in your face. At least 80% of your posts should be non-sales related, but we would recommend doing 85%-90% non-sales post. Try sourcing some funny videos (people love animals), or even memes that your audience would find entertaining.

Be Top of Mind

Posting frequently is a fantastic way to keep your audience engaged. Social media posts can have an extremely short lifespan depending on the platform, so the more frequent the better. Putting these tips into place helps create a well-rounded social media profile and will make your company recognizable when potential residents and their families start looking for a senior living community!


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