The world has changed a great deal in a short period of time, and that has left many seniors feeling disengaged and disconnected. If you are caring for an older friend or loved one, helping them set up social media accounts is a wonderful way to improve their lives and expand their reach.


When caring for seniors, we often focus on their physical needs – things like making sure they are safe in their homes and ensuring that the bathroom has been retrofitted with grab bars and shower stools. While those things are certainly important, it is just as important to make sure the emotional needs of our friends and loved ones are met.

Coping with a Far-Flung World

While the online world connects us like never before, many seniors still feel isolated and alone. There are a number of factors at play here, from the fact that many retirees move to warmer climates when they leave work to the fact that children and grandchildren often move away after college to pursue their careers.

No matter what the reasons, modern families are scattered more widely than ever before. The typical senior citizen may have children and grandchildren living in several different states or even several different countries, and that can make getting together in person a difficult thing indeed.

The Power of Facebook

Getting the whole family together in one room may not always be possible, but that does not mean grandma, grandpa, the kids and the grandkids cannot meet and talk about their lives. Facebook and other social media platforms make it easier than ever for people of all generations to meet virtually, share photos and videos and enjoy a feeling of camaraderie.

Many senior are vaguely familiar with Facebook, but they may not realize the scope of possibilities the platform provides. While they may know that Facebook makes it easy to share photos, they may not know that it is just as easy to embed videos and other content. If you are caring for a senior or helping an older family member, why not sit down and show them all the great things Facebook can do.

Explore the Power of Facebook

You can start by exploring your own Facebook page. Sit down with your older loved one and take a look at your Facebook feed. Point out the old friends you have reconnected with, the celebrities you follow and the news stories your Facebook friends are sharing. Once they have spent a few minutes on the site, your senior loved one is sure to be enthralled.

Chances are the senior in your life would love to have their own Facebook page, but they may be unsure how to proceed or how much information to share. That is where you come in. As a caregiver or caring loved one, you can help them set up their Facebook page, make sure the settings are correct and get them started with choosing friends, sharing photos and stories and enjoying everything that Facebook has to offer.

You can even help your elderly loved one manage their Facebook page and keep it current. Maintaining the Facebook page can even become a sort of family project – something that brings the entire clan together in a labor of love. After all, sharing and getting together is what social media in general – and Facebook in particular – are all about.

At Silversphere, we are not only an emergency call system and nurse call system provider. We are a senior living technology provider that really does care about seniors and helping them stay safe, secure, independent, and relevant.

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