The responsibilities of caregivers are tremendous, from everything they do to everything they keep track of. Whether caring for loved ones at home or residents in a care facility, caregivers must stay organized and alert. Fortunately, today’s technology allows them to do just that, anytime and anywhere, with these great mobile and web apps.


ATMOS™ Mobile App

ATMOS™ is Silversphere’s customizable emergency call system and nurse call system, which offers total campus wireless coverage for independent living, assisted living, memory care, and higher-acuity communities. Now, caregivers have all of the system’s convenient features and other great tools at their fingertips along with ATMOS™ Mobile.

Compatible with Apple and Android devices, the ATMOSTM Mobile allows caregivers to view system data and alerts from anywhere on campus, as well as accept alerts and request backup all from a single device. They can also view shift and break times, immediately document disposition, and make further customizations so that the needs and wants of residents and staff are fully met.

Caregiver’s Touch

Caregiver’s Touch is an iPhone app often used alongside the web app, granting caregivers the opportunity to keep record of up to six profiles. Information is stored on easily accessible virtual tabs within each profile, compiling to include: logs of general resident information such as birthdate, SSN, blood type, medical history, and insurance information; a calendar for caregiving events, which accounts for multiple patients; medication management, from doses to schedule; and a caregiving contact list.

The app also allows information to be shared with family members and other caregivers by sending a preformatted email invitation. To protect confidential information, third party permissions are customizable, and access can be granted or denied.

Elder 411

Rather than focusing on caregiver management, Elder 411 extends hundreds of pieces of advice and elder care tips to caregivers in 11 different areas of care. Available right when you need them most, Elder 411 provides tips in the areas of safety, housing, hiring help, adaptive equipment, communication, legal, mobility, and other key care issues.

The app is unique in that it uses audio, visual, and question-and-answer formats to cover caregiving topics. For Apple device users, Elder 411 is a great educational resource while on the job.

Lotsa Helping Hands

This caregiving app helps create a community of care around residents and loved ones. Once a coordinator and a community member page are chosen, contacts, birthdates, and other information can be updated. Family, friends, volunteers, and aides who are invited to join can then manage sitters, errands, appointments, and other events through the interactive calendar. There’s also a “Helping Hands” feature, which allows users to post messages of encouragement to the patient or others in the care circle.

In addition to the mobile app for Apple devices, Lotsa Helping Hands also has a web app, which offers real support, stories of other caregivers, a newsletter, and other complementing features.

We hear “there’s an app for that” so many times a day. Check out all of these Apps and see which ones are most tailored for you. For more information on Silversphere and our ATMOS™ Mobile App contact us today!





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