Silverpshere - Senior living fire safety technologyA tragic fire at a Woodbury senior living apartment complex highlights the importance of modern senior living fire safety technology in these special communities. The Woodbury fire left one dead, two hospitalized and another nine residents displaced. This tragedy is just the latest in a string of similar incidents, and it should serve as a wake-up call for residents of senior living communities and their loved ones everywhere.

In many recent fires at senior living communities, the investigators found that smoke detectors were not present, or that the ones that were present were not working. This emphasizes the importance of regular safety checks in senior living communities, from independent living apartments to communities providing more specialized senior care.

It is important for the owners to make sure that all the smoke detectors are in working order, and that they are of modern design. Older smoke detectors can wear out prematurely and malfunction when they are needed most. Retrofitting the building and installing new smoke detectors and fire safety equipment can mean the difference between minor smoke damage and a major loss of life. Silversphere, the leading provider in senior living emergeny call technology, encourages all communities to examine their smoke detection technology so that these tragedies can be prevented.

Smoke detectors and fire safety equipment is important in all areas of senior care, but they are even more critical in memory care communities. These residents are of particularly increased risk, as they typically have specific challenges that render them less independent.

 In addition to functioning smoke detectors and fire suppression technology, it is important for all senior care communities to have detailed evacuation plans in place for their residents and staff members. Evacuation routes should be clearly marked and posted in each room and every common area, and the staff should hold regular drills to make sure residents understand how to get out in the event of a fire or other emergency. 

Whether you are responsible for the safety and well-being of a single senior care resident or a community housing hundreds of residents, Silversphere can revamp your community’s smoke detector system and enhance the safety of the men and women who rely on you for their safety.

If your senior living community includes independent living cottages and freestanding homes, Silversphere technology is able to wirelessly monitor all the smoke detectors in the building. This modern technology is the perfect solution for buildings where no central smoke and fire monitoring system is available. No matter what the size of your community or the nature of your senior population, having a plan in place will help you rest easy and put the minds of your residents and their loved ones at ease.

The safety of our senior population is everyone’s responsibility. Our loved ones have given so much to their families and their communities, and they deserve respect and safety. It is vital for every senior living community to have a fire safety plan in place. If you are interested in developing a fire safety plan and equipping your community with modern fire safety technology, Silversphere can be your partner in retrofitting an existing building or helping you build a fire suppression and smoke detection program from the ground up. 







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