Silversphere - The Importance of Emergency Call Systems in Memory Care Communities

Memory care services require earning the trust of the family of your residents. While you may have compassionate and attentive caregivers, a lack of an emergency call system can cost your community. Due to the nature of memory care communities, the risk of an incident is more prevalent, and with increased concern and risk for incidents comes a duty to ensure the safety of your residents. 

An emergency call system may not prevent an incident from occurring, but it can prevent it from escalating. At Silverpshere, we design our emergency call systems with you and your residents in mind.  An emergency call system, like ATMOS, can provide your staff with real-time data regarding the safety of your residents. This data can be used to not only handle situations but deliver proactive treatments to prevent an emergency from occurring. Our goal is to help remove the uncertainty that can come with operating a memory care or senior living community.

The Responsibility of Your Community 

A resident of your community is the loved one of someone who cares about their health and quality of life who has placed significant trust in your community. With over 2 million incidents occurring a year, a proactive and responsive staff is necessary. You may not think an emergency call system can prevent an accident from happening, but our solutions provide the data needed to act proactively instead of reactively. 

The Fit For Your Community

If an accident occurs in your memory care community, you have to answer questions to ensure it never happens again. Questions such as:

  • How did this happen?
  • Why did this happen?
  • What can be done to prevent another incident from happening?

Our emergency call systems are highly customizable, making them the right fit for your community. Silversphere delivers solutions that are designed with your desired outcomes and specifications in mind. This guarantees we cater to the needs of your community, your residents, and your staff. 

With Silversphere’s technology, you are able to answer the questions surrounding a situation. ATMOS and STRATOS™ are the two components to making your memory care community a safer and more secure experience. These systems provide your community with the tools you need to reduce risk and increase safety, security, efficiency, and treatment effectiveness. It also gives you and your staff with a complete overview of your community. With real-time data, staff round reminders, access control, and wander management, you can ensure your team goes where they are needed and that your residents are where they should be located. 

The Solution Your Community Expects and Needs

The best part about Silversphere’s ATMOS™ technology is that is encompassing. ATMOS™ and STRATOS™ can help solve concerns you may not even know about and prevent problems before they even occur. These solutions give you the ability to detect abnormalities or incidents at your community when they happen. The best part? You can access this data from any location, at any time, on any device! Our technology creates an encompassing solution that gives you a complete overview of your community.

An emergency call system at a memory care community is invaluable. These systems can take the uncertainty from your community to reduce the “what ifs” while enabling your staff, ensuring resident safety, and increasing staff effectiveness. With Silversphere’s ATMOS™ and STRATOS™, you can provide your residents and their families with the peace of mind and the safety they deserve. If you’re interested in one of our solutions, contact Silversphere and find out if we are the right choice for your senior living community.

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