emergency call systems for the elderlyEmergency call systems for the elderly or, as it is sometimes called, personal emergency response systems, can be a little intimidating to pick out the right one for you or the senior in your life. At Silversphere, we know technology is always advancing, and the range of options has substantially grown, and that is precisely why we are constantly evolving to keep up with the technology evolution. We also know that technology can be expensive and we want you to pick the right emergency call system for your loved ones. There are 5 main categories you need to understand in order to choose the correct emergency call system.

1.     System Requirements

Did your loved one have a system at home before moving into a community? The community should offer a system that at least meets the basic requirements of the PERS system they had at home. Safety is one of the top 3 reason people look to Assisted Living communities. As your loved one ages, how can the system installed in the community grow to help your loved one? Do they offer additional services to aid residents as they become frailer? One of the top issues is falling; there are several ways to help with falls according to according to the CDC. However, there are other emergencies besides falling. Other system requirements can include a help button which connects to the nearest emergency service for a live response or check-in. Other system requirements can include fitness tracking, GPS detection, medical monitoring, and home security monitoring. 

2.     Equipment Requirements

What equipment type does your loved need? If they need their emergency call system at all times, it may need to be waterproof so they can wear it in the shower, or perhaps if the fall in the tub full of water. It will also need to be wearable and comfortable if they need it with them at all times. Added features could include how attractive the device is, what color it comes in, etc. Some requirements include mobility, quality, battery life or emergency personnel to access the home in case of an emergency. It is also good to know how the set-up logistics operate and if the call system for elderly emergencies is easy to use. You do not want the device to have to steep of a learning curve for your loved one.

3.     Response and Monitoring Details

The speed of response time for emergency call systems for the elderly needs to be at maximum efficiency to avert any unnecessary emergency outcomes. In an emergency, you want mom or dad to receive a response in minutes, not hours. The system should be able to measure what the response time is for each call. Additionally, the community should be able to tell you their average response time. Differently, then a PERS system in your home the community staff is in the building and should be in your loved one’s room and able to help in short order.  The industry average for response to emergency calls is 7min. The system should monitor its self to ensure all is working properly if it is not it should tell staff.  Things like communication, batteries, and power should be all supervised.  Staff should receive all calls on some type of mobile device so they can receive alerts no matter where they are in the community. 

4.     Cost

Within a senior living community, the system should be included in the cost of rent. However, there can be a cost associated with additional services beyond pull cords. Some communities charge for pendants, and some do not. If you are in need of additional sensors or devices there may be an extra charge, such as a bed sensor, fall risk, lighting, and motion detectors can all cause additional charges. The costs vary greatly depending on the community.

5.     Regional Availability

There are various companies that certain service regions and some that are nation-wide, be sure you do the research. Generally, nation-wide companies are that large-scale for a reason, they have proven themselves time and time again. If your love done resides in a specific senior living community, there may already be an emergency call system for the elderly in place and mandatory for that community. There are various options for availability, so do your research and get referrals.


With the technology advancing, the buying process of emergency response systems can become increasingly complicated. If you research these 5 main topics, you should obtain enough information to make an educated purchase for your loved one. To learn more about Silversphere’s customizable emergency response systems click here.

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