Emergency Call Systems for All Levels of Senior Care by Silversphere

Silversphere’s emergency call systems are designed to provide benefits to any type of senior care community, and grow with your residents as their needs change. Silversphere’s technology aims to create a safer, smarter, and more connected senior living communities. 

Senior care is a specialized subject, and the staff at senior living communities need to have the right technology, training, and expertise to keep their residents safe.

Connectivity for Better Care

Connectivity in a senior living community breeds a safer environment. Features, such as wireless pendants allow your residents to retain independence while ensuring their safety. As we all know, accidents happen, but having your community connected can help you deliver the proactive care a resident may need. 

With emergency call systems in place; if a resident falls, your team will be notified moments after the incident occurs. During any incident of this nature, seconds can make all the difference. Even in an independent living community with potentially more limited staff, it provides residents with the security of knowing that if they ever needed to call for help — help is readily available. Our ATMOS solution offers features such as wireless pendants, access control, wander management, and staff reminders. These features allow your residents and staff to remain connected throughout the entirety of the community which leads to better care.

Flexibility to Grow with Your Residents

The shift from independent living to assisted living happens over time and Silversphere’s emergency call systems allow staff to notice this shift, and provide additional levels of care. Our wireless systems allow the flexibility to grow with the client as they age in the place without the need to purchase new systems.

Smarter, Better Decisions

With Silversphere’s STRATOS system added, you become aware of any emergency, in real-time. Furthermore, this solution allows you to view call volume by residents and manage your staff efficiency accordingly. Our solutions provide two-way community which can also improve the operations of staff. Users can see if a call is accepted which avoids situations where multiple staff members respond to the same call – saving time and money. Pairing ATMOS and STRATOS places your community on a new level of connectivity. Allowing you to cover your entire community with the tools you need to decrease risk and increase safety, security, efficiency, and effectiveness of care. 

A Safer, Brighter Community

Regardless of the level of care provided at your community, an emergency call system could be exactly what your community needs. An emergency call system like ATMOS can provide your community with many added benefits and features, creating an overall safer and brighter community where your residents can flourish. Providing a safer, brighter community doesn’t only benefit the residents; it benefits your staff as they are given the tools needed to create an atmosphere of safety and care. 

If you want to know more about Silversphere’s solutions, you can find more information on our site!

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