Cameron Watkins Silversphere Employee Spotlight

Congratulations to Cameron Watkins, this month’s Employee Spotlight! Cameron is currently the Director of Software at Silversphere and is well-known by many of our employees! He has been on our Silversphere team for four years and has become a highly valued employee over the years. We recently had a chance to learn more about his life and highlights from his past four years at Silversphere!

Cameron was born in Tucson, Arizona, but was primarily raised in Plant City, Florida. He received his degree in computer science from the University of South Florida in Tampa Bay, Florida. Cameron is married to his loving wife, Alex, and has a young daughter named Gwen. He is an extremely proud husband and father! His wife is currently a professor at Embry-Riddle University, and his daughter loves to play, sing and jump all over the couches in their house!

In his spare time, Cameron says that he’s usually either spending time with his family or playing video games. He also really enjoys listening to music, with his favorite genres old school rap or punk music. He also has an enormous sneaker collection! Cameron is also a big fan of skateboarding and has the scars to prove it. He mentioned that in a skateboarding accident, he ended up losing his two front teeth.

Professionally, Cameron is exceptionally proud of the team he has built over the years and he appreciates everyone that he works with. He was happy to say that “It is such an incredible feeling to work with a team of such highly skilled and passionate people!” One of his favorite things about his job is to be able to turn a complex problem into something that is simpler to understand and easy for others to use.

During his time at Silversphere, Cameron mentioned that he obtained a more empowered and self-evident voice. He believes that Silversphere enables and encourages excellence, which has aided him in becoming a stronger leader and a better person.

We want to thank Cameron for sharing the highlights of his life with us in this month’s Employee Spotlight.  Congratulations Cameron!

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