concept-of-technology-and-future-PJ6EVLC-746293-edited.jpg Infinity – That is what we call our “future-proof” assurance program. It is designed, of course, to make your life easier. However, it is more than just an assurance program. If I may, I would like to bend your ear a moment to talk about what it is and why I think it is pretty great.

I know. Right about now, I bet you are picturing me sitting at my desk with a tall glass of red-tinted Kool-Aid in front of me. A Silversphere logo is stamped conspicuously upon it. As you glance around my office, you notice a bronze statue of my CEO stands in the corner with the inscription, “There’s no day like a Silversphere day!” A large shimmering Silversphere logo takes up the wall space behind me. “Hi!” I look hypnotized and wide-eyed. “Have you heard about Infinity?”

“THIS guy…” you might be thinking. But, I promise this is not a sales pitch. Well… maybe a small one. However, I am not offering a sip of my Kool-Aid. I hope I am providing you a solution. So, what is Infinity?

Infinity is a smart solution that provides the insight you need to make smart decisions.

Along the way, we have developed some pretty intelligent online reporting tools, all included in the Infinity program. Through our online reporting tools, you can track resident emergency call activity, gain access to our unique motion-related acuity rules, keep an eye on the general goings-on within your community, and much more. Use it on its own, or merge it with your own key performance indicators to get the outcomes you want.

Infinity is helpful, and it helps your system to continually run smoothly.

With Infinity, we send one of our project managers out to your community annually and maintains your Silversphere system for you. The technician will go room to room to check devices, test equipment, and replace anything that needs replacing—even batteries. He will also update your software, and if necessary, your hardware to the newest, snazziest version. Then, if needed, he will train your staff, making sure you are getting the most from your system.

A challenge we see throughout the industry is turnover. If the guy that “knew the system” retires, what do you do? Thankfully, you do not have to wait for that on-site visit next year! Call our support line and schedule a time to work with your designated system trainer. They will help you devise targeted, personalized training sessions for your team—all delivered efficiently, remotely, and pretty much on-demand.

Moreover, when it comes to technical support, you get unlimited access to a great team with a combined 38 years of Silversphere support experience. Call them up with any questions or support needs. In the event of an emergency or service interruption, you can call anytime, day or night, 365 days a year for emergency support. In addition to access to our support line, Infinity partners also receive priority in our call queue.

Infinity is All-Inclusive, and it mitigates surprise expenses.

Of course – this program is not free. However, there are few freebie surprises thrown in there. Let’s just say that Thor, God of Thunder, decides to swing by and zap all the Silversphere equipment in your building – Infinity will cover it all. Lightning, flooding, fire, a plague of frogs, meteors, whatever—with Infinity, regardless of how or why something breaks, you get a replacement at no additional cost (with free ground shipping!). This warranty even includes all resident and staff pendants. Maybe a more likely scenario (albeit less fun) is that Mrs. Smith presses her pendant call button 100 times a day and runs through her battery every nine months – guess what? It is free to replace, just give us a call.

Interested in some new products? Infinity customers receive a discount on any new purchases, which is especially handy when stuff gets lost.  Another hypothetical scenario that we have never ever experienced (yeah right), let us imagine one of your staff reset pendants finds its way down a toilet and is now circling through the greater city sewer system somewhere. Even though pendants are waterproof, we imagine you will probably want another, even if you do somehow recover it. Whatever the reason, we will not judge, but we will give you a 30% discount.

Infinity is a partnership.

I have been slipping the word in as I go, but you probably noticed. Infinity is more than an assurance program; it is a partnership. From a Product Developer’s perspective, being an Infinity partner further underscores your commitment to your residents. I know you understand just how frequently technology changes and that being ahead of the curve gives you a competitive advantage. It also protects your long-term investment. Most importantly, you know it means both Silversphere and your community are working toward the same thing: the best and smartest way to keep residents happy, healthy, and safe.

Infinity partners also get exclusive access to new and upcoming products and upgrades. Some of our Infinity partners have been my best sounding boards for feedback and development. We love our partners who are gung-ho and volunteer to beta test which means they get the new stuff before everyone else. In exchange, they tell us what they think, and playing a small role in shaping the industry.

That is what I think makes Infinity so unique: the partnership and commitment to our seniors. We want to keep developing newer, better products, and you want your staff to have them. Win-win. For more information about the Infinity assurance program and to speak to someone about this opportunity, please visit:


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