There are numerous benefits to volunteering with seniors, as in a previous post we mentioned how providing help can improve the life of residents, staff, and even your life. You can improve the lives of the residents by providing needed assistance, emotional support, and by lending an ear. You can improve the lives of the staff by taking duties off their plate and, in turn, relieving stress. You can better your own life by volunteering in a community and achieving a gratifying experience, that can boost self-esteem. These factors can create happiness for everyone involved, and there are still other benefits that can derive from the joys of volunteering at a senior living community.

Gaining Job Experience

You can add volunteering as work experience to your resume or LinkedIn ( account. This valuable experience can provide essential job skills that look great to future employers. Some skills you can develop when you volunteer with a senior living community are personal health care, preventative care, organization skills, coordinating daily activities, communication skills, critical thinking, and various detail related skills that are beneficial in the workplace. You can also utilize your volunteering experience as a networking opportunity. You get the opportunity to meet nurses, doctors, and seniors that are full of life experience and connections.

Volunteer to Improve Skills

A senior living community can be an ideal place to improve your business skills. A transportation driver is a very beneficial volunteer for seniors. If you are a driver, you can get work experience while providing a means of transportation to appointments or group outings. Another volunteer that seniors look forward to are cosmetologists. Cosmetology students can volunteer their time to help improve skills to help pass tests while providing services for seniors such as manicures and hair styling. You can utilize volunteering in virtually any career field and benefit from it in various ways.

Gaining Knowledge

When you spend time and network during your volunteering, you also have the chance to absorb a plethora of educational stories. The seniors in the community may have had military experience, teaching experience, and character changing life events that can provide lessons for anyone. Seniors have rich life knowledge that can be taught through volunteering.

Creating Friendships 

Not only do you create the opportunity to gain knowledge through volunteering with seniors but also the chance to create friendships. In many senior communities, volunteers work with individual seniors based on similar hobbies or interests. If you take the time to volunteer with a resident, you may discover that you share a love for a particular type of music, sport, a genetic trait, or so much more. Developing new relationships with seniors can provide pure happiness for both parties involved. You can also decrease loneliness by providing volunteer services and being a friend. Having friendly interactions is beneficial to all parties involved and especially for seniors. Seniors have a greater a chance of being lonely, and when a senior feels isolated, it can lead to depression and even cardiovascular diseases.

These are just a few of the reasons why it is important to donate your time. Volunteering can improve life skills and job experience skills. You can gain knowledge and create essential friendships when you make an effort to volunteer at a senior living community. Once you volunteer with a senior living community, you can improve and enrich many lives. At Silverpshere, we also want to enrich lives by providing senior living specific emergency call systems or nurse call systems that help to provide additional safety, security, and independence to senior residents.


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