As a business owner, I sometimes wish I could plant a “Qualified Lead Tree” behind my office so that when I need a good, qualified business lead I could easily go and pick the best one. It would save my sales team and I a lot of time, money, and headache following up with unqualified or cold leads.

Even though I am prepared to spend A LOT of money for a “Qualified Lead Tree”, I am pretty confident this will never exist…ever. I think most senior living owners and operators think about this “tree” idea a lot as well. Let’s face it, leads are sometimes hard to come by and the ones you have probably cost you a lot of money to acquire. So assuming this “Qualified Lead Tree” will never magically appear and make all of our lives easier, how can we better manage and qualify the leads we have?

Below are 5 ways email automation can you help you nurture your cold leads and better qualify all of your leads so you spend your time and resources more wisely.

Stay Top-of-Mind

First, it doesn’t matter what classification you give a new lead because staying in front of that lead or keeping your brand ‘top-of-mind’ is the number #1 rule. Ultimately, your goal is to make sure that whenever your lead is ready to make a decision or needs further resources to make a decision, your company is on the top of their mind. At Silversphere, we help senior living clients build out the right email automation workflows with the right content to make sure this happens.

Test Engagement

Email automation gives you the opportunity to further qualify your leads without needing a live person for each reach out. Try building out qualification email workflows that help you and your team automatically send email touches that test the engagement of your leads, gives you more insight on where they are in the process and what they may be interested in. It is best to use a platform, like HubSpot, that will help you track all of the user engagement and easily deliver that information to your sales team when they are ready to follow up in-person.

Consistent Touches

Consistency is vital! When nurturing your cold leads, it is important to find a balance of consistency. It can be very hard and time consuming for a sales person to follow up with lots of tasks and reminders for leads that are months old. Often times, we find these old leads seem to fall through the cracks. Use email automation for improved consistency that doesn’t distract your sales team from your warm and hot leads, but allows you to close the back door on your still qualified, but cold leads.

 Multiple Points of Contact

Whether using email automation for cold leads or for simply better quality leads, it is important to offer multiple points of contact. At Silversphere, we help our senior living clients create diverse email content that allows for leads to reach out when they are ready and how they may best like to respond. We incorporate custom landing pages, call tracking numbers, emails, and multiple types of content downloads for people to get the information they are looking for.

 Brand Quality

In the end, all of these things help to improve the impression of your brand on your leads. Email automation can help you close a warm lead faster, properly nurture a cold lead to a move-in, and even create an environment where people are so impressed with your organization and follow-up that you help to increase your referrals as well.

Are you wanting to try email automation in your marketing efforts for your community, but unsure how to get started?Set up a free internet marketing consultation with us so we can help.


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