Living in a senior living community can enhance a senior’s lifestyle immeasurably. Assisted living communities, however, can be costly, so it’s important to research many communities in your region or even out of state where family may be near by. When searching for a senior living community, be sure to keep the following tips in mind, which can help you make a great decision about where you or your loved one spends their senior years.

Plan Ahead

Many people may find it difficult to think about moving from their current home to live in a senior community, but by planning ahead, you can choose one that best suits your budget and lifestyle. Senior living communities and facilities can be very different. Some foster immense independence while others offer plenty of assistance for residents who need it. By planning ahead, you can assess your budget and assets in order to gauge the amount you wish to spend annually on living costs.

Do Your Research

An initial step to choosing a senior living community is to research a wide array of communities. Naturally, cost will be a factor, but you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the offerings and amenities that different communities offer. No two communities are quite equal. What type of community will enhance your ideal lifestyle? You’ll need to investigate lots of communities before you decide which one to select.

Long-Term Insurance

Many people are considering long-term insurance to help support them during their senior years. However, be very wary about the policy you choose. You could wind up paying years of expensive policies only to find that it won’t cover your need for assisted living down the road. On the other hand, a well-investigated policy may meet your needs. The key is to shop for insurance as thoroughly as you shop for a senior community.

A La Carte Costs vs. All-Inclusive Costs

Should you pay per service or look for an all-inclusive residence? Many seniors struggle with this concept, but one needs to research each type of cost within the context of the senior community you are considering. In many instances, all-inclusive simply refers to a basic tier of services. There are likely additional costs as other services or activities are needed. Paying per service can lead to a considerable amount; however, that far exceeds the all-inclusive amount. Be sure to thoroughly understand the pricing tiers for the services at the senior living community you choose.

Ask about Price Incentives

Senior living communities want your business, of course, and they may offer price incentives to entice you to choose their community over another one. Some communities offer special move-in incentives. Others, facing reduced occupancy levels, may also be willing to negotiate on costs. The key is to ask if the community in question offers special discounts or incentives at the time you wish to move in.

Keep these tips in mind as you contemplate moving to a senior living community. It is a major decision, but with careful planning, you can choose a new home that is sure to meet all your needs–and your budget too!





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