Ever have one of those days where you knew it was going to be hectic workday moment you started power walking from the parking lot to the office building, rushed through the front doors like the fire alarm was going off. How about making several attempts to tackle the to-do list to only get tied up on the phone and eventually hit back-to-back meetings. This is a recipe for stress. Caregivers feel it. Senior living administrators feel it. And without taking the right measures, stress can affect your heart.

Think about it, February is one of the most important months to keep your heart healthy. Not only is February American Heart Month, it also contains Valentines Day, Random Acts of Kindness day and the Super Bowl (and if your team loses, you’ll need a strong heart to get you through the week!) Most people don’t realize the pressure that stress puts on our health and eventually takes a toll on our heart.

The solution starts with stepping out of the box, developing some healthy habits and make a routine! Whether you’re a loved one living in an assisted living community or a Hedge Fund Manager on Wall Street, we’ve selected our top five habits to unplug stress and plug-in love.  

  1. Take it Down a Notch – Easier said than done. However, when your mind is moving faster than your movements, just take a step back, have a seat and take a deep breath. Plan ahead to give yourself time to alleviate the pressure of remembering to complete tasks and focus on the big projects.
  1. Socialization is Key – They may be trending hot on social media, but there is much value in attending Taco Tuesday and Sunday Funday with loved ones. Regardless of what you do, as long as you’re socializing with people you care about, a daily dose of friendship is great medicine.
  1. Laugh Often – If you really want to get particular, plan several outings with that one friend or family member that could have been the host of the Tonight Show in another life.
  1. Help Others – Volunteering is a highly effective way to relieve stress. Unless you’re Darth Vader, then most of us feel better about ourselves when we help others out and have the opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face.
  1. Don’t Sweat the Small Things – Rome wasn’t built in a day. Build your personal schedule, include fitness in your morning routine and take several breaks throughout the day.

So, which tip do you think is most helpful to combat stressful situations? Let us know! Visit the American Heart Association for more helpful heart-healthy tips! 


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