Technological advances in the industry are offering senior living communities the opportunity to improve their senior care. New technologies allow administrators and providers to be more productive and efficient in the way they conduct business by combining technology with human interaction to improve quality of life for seniors.

If you are an owner or executive responsible for both the day-to-day operations and the future growth and development strategy of one or more senior care communities, here are 5 reasons to improve your core technologies


  1. Business Growth/Expansion – Timing is an important consideration in choosing to upgrade current technologies. During a time of significant business growth or expansion into new locations, additional technology will add value to your community. This poses a sensible time to upgrade the business’s core technologies.


  1. Improvement to the Quality of Care Provided – Senior care is the most important thing to consider when making decisions within each community and the entire industry. Consistent feedback from employees and the loved ones of the seniors in your care are indicators of where the care provided can be improved. At Silversphere, we help you leverage technology to help seniors stay safe, secure and independent and to help you run a stronger business. We know firsthand how technology can improve the care and the environment you provide your clients.


  1. Access to Real Time Data – Technology allows us to go beyond timely reporting. You and your care providers are now able to say engaged with the level of care that is occurring in each of your communities. Technology allows for constant real time updates on the health and well-being of the seniors in your care.


  1. Problems Caused by Old Technology – We’ve all worked with aging technologies. Many organizations choose to bandage the current offering rather than upgrade. This is a losing proposition as eventually the business will have to usher out the old technology and adapt to the new. Old technology causes problems, wastes time, requires work-around and accrues unnecessary maintenance costs. From replacing large slow desktop computers and rudimentary software applications, and adopting laptops and integrated mobile technology, most successful facilities have adapted technology across the board to continue stay on top. Why should your resident monitoring technology be any different?


  1. Competitive Advantage – In a competitive environment, more efficient processes can lead to overall cost savings and improved levels of communication and care. The most successful care providers in the industry are always looking for ways to improve processes in their administrative and care functions. Greater efficiency leads to cost savings, greater profitability and a healthier business. 


Adopting new technology does not have to be a daunting task. Whether your upgrades begin as implementing a simple start or building an elaborate plan for the future, find a level of technology that suits your needs while making your business more efficient. Take advantage of situations over which you have control and start to implement technology where it can save you labor, time, and money. Visit Silversphere’s website to learn more about sprucing up your current senior living technology.  

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