It is a new year and the perfect time to get in gear with marketing for your senior living community. It is probably already a busy time for you as inquiries often ramp up after the holidays. While quality time with family is a great thing, it brings to light where mom and dad need help. Thus it means an influx of leads for you! So how can you make 2017 the best year yet for your community and keep those leads coming all year long?

Here are some marketing tips for your senior living community to bear in mind as you welcome in the new year:

Make a Good Impression

We all know the adage that first impressions count. Make sure you optimize your website across all devices and the most popular browsers for an ideal experience. Maybe your potential residents and their families will search for you on their phone before popping on over to your website. Take time to ensure your mobile design is easy to navigate, to guarantee they come back for another visit!

Create Content for Your Target Audience

Whom are you trying to reach with your message? Is it just seniors or are you speaking to their adult children too? Maybe it is their friends or spouse. Deciding this is the first step in creating relevant content that leads to new move ins. Don’t waste your time creating content that doesn’t speak to your buyer or is too general. No one will read that!

            After deciding whom you are targeting, figure out their pain points and be part of the solution. Speaking directly to them and assisting in solving their problems will go a long way in building trust and confidence in your brand.

Monitor the Chatter

It is one thing to be posting on social media; we hope by now you are doing that. It is another thing entirely to track and engage! Be on the look out for people speaking directly to your communities with feedback, praise, and problems. It is an excellent way to get a pulse on how the general public feels about your company. It also is a channel to showcase your dazzling customer service skills.

            No community is perfect all the time, so when a resident or their family complains publically on social media – how you choose to handle it can make all the difference! Make sure you address comments and posts sincerely and professionally – especially the negative ones.

Follow Up Fast       

            In the age of the internet and instant gratification, we need everything right now. Life in the community can get hectic, and we understand that it is not always possible to respond immediately to an inquiry, but try to follow up as quickly as possible. An excellent way to buy you some time if you are not able to contact a lead in 24 hrs is an automated email that’s sent shortly after a form submission.

Explore your options in making it appear as if it came from the person who will be following up or a person of executive management. This personal note can go a long way in helping ensure it is not radio silence when you do reach out.

Invest in Professional Images

You could have a website full of interesting, informational content – but if it does not have the right images or they are of low quality, you will hurt your number of leads. Tagging along on my first suggestion, your website is sometimes the only opportunity you have to make an impression. Don’t fill it with iPhone photos. Look for a reputable photographer in your area to produce high-quality images of your communities, residents, and staff. The more photos, the better! You can use any extra photos for blogs, marketing materials, and social media. 


Need help with mastering these 2017 marketing tips for your senior living community? Silversphere will provide you a FREE evaluation of your online brand presence!

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