Inbound Marketing Approach for Senior Living Communities

How effective is your Internet Marketing strategy? Five must-have tools to grow your audience & obtain ROI for your organization.

In senior living, it is imperative to maintain an active and effective inbound Internet marketing plan because the outbound marketing approach is fading fast. Some might think “well sure, I have a Facebook page.” Congratulations but you will need more than that! The core value of Silversphere’s marketing approach leverages tactics that resonate with potential prospect using INFINITY web design & development, search engine marketing & optimization, email marketing, social media, custom content creation and more. (Let’s schedule a time at your convenience to discuss more in detail!)


five tools to help you develop an effective inbound marketing plan:

1. Content Development

Research compelling ways to convey your story and use keywords that maximize SEO! Find trending topics from pop culture to holidays. For example, the paragraph below contains a theme that is currently all the rage on TV news and painted all across social media: the 2016 presidential election cycle.

“If this election cycle hasn’t been intense enough, the 2016 presidential race just received another pitch for high office. Rising up through the Independent Party, the Internet Marketing campaign aims to address the important issue facing business owners, senior living organizations and communities alike.” Now, imagine if Silversphere’s marketing team launched a campaign, wouldn’t that be a powerful campaign platform to run on? Every business needs a solid Internet marketing plan!


2. Web Design

40% of people will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load.” Yikes! Websites need to be user-friendly, easy to navigate and interactive. Page layouts should be designed to reflect the style of your organization. Here’s an example of a recent client project:

Photo Credit | Oaks Senior Living


3. Digital Media

Every content marketing strategy should include a digital media element or 3 to support the message. Put names to faces with images or create video clips to provide subject matter and support the story. For example, we use animations to show a visual of the messaging on Silversphere’s Internet Marketing page:

Silversphere's Internet Marketing Approach


4. Email Campaigns

Allows your community to speak directly with it’s audience and sales teams can communicate with percentage of people that aren’t quite ready to make a decision yet. Here are some effective approaches:Photo Credit | Buzzfeed 

5. Social Media

Work with the social networks that fit your business model and style. If you’re operating a senior living community, be active on Facebook! Pew Research shows that 48% of adults 65+ use Facebook. Take a look at Silversphere’s Facebook page as an example. 


Silversphere has been a staple in the senior living technology industry for developing an emergency call technology system that has been tested and proven to keep residents safe as well as increase productivity for the overall business. Most recently we launched an Internet marketing division to offer senior living clients an opportunity to improve their brand image online and take lead generation to a new level.

Are you ready to turn up the volume on your Internet marketing approach? Email Kaleb Scharmahorn today at to schedule a time to talk with the Internet Marketing Team and visit our website at 


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