Silversphere - Benefits of In-house Manufacturing

While most companies tend to hand off their manufacturing, our senior living technology team at Silversphere knows the true value of in-house manufacturing. As more companies decide to hand over their production to countries like China, the results inevitably hurt the product and the consumer. These practices, while widespread, are creating more and more problems for the consumer.

Our in-house manufacturing provides our Silversphere customers with numerous benefits; from improving quality to decreasing prices, the benefits are significant. Senior living technology is not one you want to gamble on. Silversphere knows that quality is king, and that’s one thing that won’t go to the wayside anytime soon!

Improving Quality

One of the biggest downfalls to handing off manufacturing to another party is the downgrade in quality. While it may not seem like an obvious one, these third-party companies might not keep a company’s interests in mind. Their overall goal is to get as many clients as possible and produce at a cookie-cutter level of quality, which means they specialize in manufacturing by the mass and don’t put forth effort in maintaining quality. Senior living technology is one that should always adhere to certain specifications.

By handling manufacturing in-house, Silversphere is making quality a top priority. This option gives us the ability to customize and streamline our productivity. The people who best know our product and the desired end goal is our company and Silversphere employees.

Decreasing Consumer Cost

Placing our product in the hands of a third-party company brings certain complications. Outsourcing a product forces a company to jump through many hoops to ensure their product’s wellbeing, increasing the overall cost to produce the product. This outsourcing forces companies to increase the price of their product, and the consumer loses in the long run.

For 70 years, Silversphere has been dedicated to providing the very best technology available to our customers. By managing the in-house manufacturing of all of our products, we ensure that we are providing the best product at the best price.

Fine Tuning and Consumer Reaction

Another benefit to in-house manufacturing is our ability to listen and respond to consumer needs or suggestions. Silversphere is passionate about our products, but we understand that nothing is perfect. With in-house manufacturing, we can better our product and adhere to consumer suggestions at a much quicker response time. Senior living technology is based on ease of use and effectiveness. If our consumers find an issue or make a suggestion, in-house manufacturing allows us to make these changes sooner rather than later.

Above all else, in-house manufacturing keeps our costs lowered, while securing better quality for the product we’ve worked so hard to produce. The senior living technology industry requires a distinctive touch that only in-house manufacturing can ensure.

At Silversphere, the idea became apparent, and it was one we focused on and maintained. Maintaining a healthy, in-house manufacturing process has saved us a lot of time, and it is how we guarantee that our products are up to our quality of standard and maintain our company mission. To learn more about Silversphere’s technology and emergency call solutions, please visit our website!

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