Emergency Call Systems for All Levels of Senior Care by Silversphere

Silversphere’s emergency call systems are designed to provide benefits to any type of senior care community, and grow with your residents as their needs change. Silversphere’s technology aims to create a safer, smarter, and more connected senior living communities.  Continue reading

Safety and Independence at Assisted Living with Silversphere's senior technology solutions

While assisted living communities provide valuable senior care, independence is still on the minds of residents. Having the ability to retain their independence while in an assisted living community is a huge asset to your business. Continue reading

Silversphere - The Importance of Emergency Call Systems in Memory Care Communities

Memory care services require earning the trust of the family of your residents. While you may have compassionate and attentive caregivers, a lack of an emergency call system can cost your community. Due to the nature of memory care communities, the risk of an incident is more prevalent, and with increased concern and risk for incidents comes a duty to ensure the safety of your residents.  Continue reading

Silversphere - From Purchase to Installation: Silversphere Project Managers Are with You

While the goal of every company is to push leads to the buying stage, the company typically drops off after you confirm your purchase. At Silversphere, the purchase of your emergency call system is only the beginning of your journey with us.  Continue reading

In April 2019, Sentrics, the emerging industry leader that provides integrated technologies to the senior living industry, acquired Silversphere as its fourth company to round out its suite of services to senior living communities.  Continue reading

Taking care of seniors is rewarding work, but it also physically demanding and stressful. As a result, the employee turnover rate for our industry is typically high. It is crucial to pay close attention to circumstances that can aid in reducing turnover risk, such as training your team appropriately from the start. Team members who understand the proper way to do their job, know the expectations and have the right tools are set up for success. Those that are left to figure out processes on their own are likely to become frustrated and leave.  Continue reading

Silversphere - Benefits of In-house Manufacturing

While most companies tend to hand off their manufacturing, our senior living technology team at Silversphere knows the true value of in-house manufacturing. As more companies decide to hand over their production to countries like China, the results inevitably hurt the product and the consumer. These practices, while widespread, are creating more and more problems for the consumer. Continue reading

Silversphere - Senior Living Technology that is Revolutionizing Senior LivingThe senior living technology industry is flourishing. Companies are finding ways to improve upon the systems they’ve designed. They are coming up with new technology to make senior living safer and better. For the last few decades, the technology industry has been shifting and influencing life as we know it, and senior living technology is no different. With these technologies, Silversphere has seen an increase in satisfaction and quality of life. Continue reading

Silversphere’s Relationship-Based Business Approach

At Silversphere, we believe that the companies we work with are more than just customers; they’re relationships that we must manage and maintain to keep healthy. We know that when a relationship falls apart, your company has not only lost business and money, it’s lost a connection that could have generated many referrals for your business. We sat down with Karen O’Hara, Strategic Account Manager at Silversphere, to discuss what she thinks about relationship management. Continue reading

Silverpshere Business Training Program

In the world of business, training is an essential piece to the puzzle that is your company. Without proper training, many employees would be unaware of the standardized practices and values that your company has.  It is pivotal that employees have a deep understanding of the way your business functions. Silversphere believes businesses can never have too much time spent on learning these functions. When a business makes training a priority, it is likely to see several benefits early on as your employees are more capable of accomplishing tasks.

At Silversphere, nobody knows the importance of training more than Sasha Rodriguez. Sasha is currently the system trainer at Silversphere, and she has been working for the company for almost three years! We decided to speak to Sasha to learn more about why she is so passionate about the subject and why she believes that training is crucial not only to Silversphere but to any business. Continue reading