Troubleshooting 101: Solving Tel-Tron Problems Pragmatically

Posted by teltrondamon

July 31, 2012 10:15:31 AM EDT

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"What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say. "

Posted by mgrahamiv

September 22, 2010 4:29:41 AM EDT

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Online ordering....Easy and Free Shipping

Posted by mmdawson

July 29, 2010 9:21:19 AM EDT

A few years ago we had an initiative around Tel-Tron to “Make it Easy.” It incorporated everything from posting all of our operations guides on our website for customers to easily access to improving manufacturing processes to maximize efficiency. One of the customer-oriented results was an online store, allowing communities and dealers to order over the internet. This meant they could order at their convenience and not have to send a fax, wait on hold over the telephone, only call during our business hours, etc.

According to our customers this was a convenient and welcome tool. Internally, though, we were still manually entering the order into our accounting/inventory software, which unfortunately led to entry errors on our part on occasion.

As technology advances, thankfully so does accounting software. Our current software has an e-Business module that integrates the online store directly into the sales order module! When a customer places an order online all we have to do is approve or deny it and it becomes an order, automatically setting it up for same-day shipping. (For the curious…the only reason an order would be denied is if your account is inactive due to non-payment…fair enough, right?)

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Training the Trainer – It’s As Easy as Staying at a Holiday Inn Express

Posted by mgrahamiv

June 18, 2010 9:57:26 AM EDT


All of the latest and greatest technology, coolest software and state of the art reporting capabilities are nothing more than really expensive paper weights without proper training. I’m always amazed at how many people think that just because they use something they are somehow now an expert on how to teach other people how to use the product. The fact that I watch the Daytona 500 every year, drive a car to work, have seven speeding tickets to my name and look great in a fire suit and helmet doesn’t make me a race car driver and it certainly doesn’t make me capable of teaching someone how to drive a race car. We often get familiar with the products that we use daily, even comfortable. Our understanding of those products grows the more we use them. That’s great; we all need to learn more about the tools we use. The problems start when our confidence exceeds our knowledge. Knowing how to use a product in a limited scope is far different than understanding a product well enough to teach any user how to use it in any application. Remember, just because you stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night doesn’t make you a trainer.

One of the traps that non-professional trainers fall into is that they assume everyone uses the product just like they do. The person that trained them probably felt the same way. The conclusion of this informal passing down of knowledge is that things get distorted through perceived experience rather than fact. Observation can be a great tool in understanding something but often a misinterpretation of some coincidental event gets wrapped up into the “myth of operation” that is passed down from person to person until what new employees are learning barely resembles the information that was originally introduced with the new product. Things get lost in translation, people hear what they want to hear, short cuts are taken and people without a passion or interest in training treat the endeavor accordingly diminishing the product delivered to the people that need it most, the newest members of your team.

How do we combat this? How can we ensure integrity of the information being disseminated and confirm that the people that need it most not only comprehended what we taught them but also can implement it now? How can we continue to reinforce these lessons? How do we keep that base of knowledge growing? All relative questions that operators deal with everyday, turnover isn’t going away. Tel-Tron Technologies has a training program called “Train the Trainer” that addresses all of these problems and more. It’s free to you and our involvement with your team NEVER ends. We are always there to help you grow and continue to support your onsite trainer provide the best professional training practices to your staff the day they start and reinforce those lessons throughout their careers. Let’s get down to the details and see how it’s done.

We help identify a trainer at your community if you haven’t already. Trainers are a special breed and not everyone is right for the job, we can make sure you get the right person in the right spot. Once we have identified the right person we make sure they have the right material and ensure they use the right process. We start out by ensuring that five basic concepts are put into practice:

  1. There is a difference between listening and learning! I see people paying attention almost every time I teach a technical class. If I’m not on my game, continuously involving the learners then it is almost a guarantee that many won’t be able to retain or use the information I provided in as short a time as an hour later.
  2. Not everybody learns the same way. Unless you have years of experience and a lot of familiarity with your students your probably won’t be able to figure out how your students learn in enough time to be effective. Do your students learn better through visual examples, auditory examples or tactile examples? We teach you to provide examples in all formats and ensure that you have the material, produced and provided by us, the manufacturer, to meet your employees’ needs.
  3. Asking good questions is more important than providing all of the answers. We help your employees use the Socratic method of critical thinking to ensure that these are lessons truly learned not just taught. Using a dialectical method that involves discussion and logic rather than a recitation of facts is always more effective for long term retention.
  4. Keep the lectures to an absolute minimum. Slides too. We provide you talking points and PowerPoint presentations but more importantly we teach you why you should use them sparingly and how to teach your employees using other medium that are more effective. Interactive learning, games, role playing and other techniques are at your fingertips and provide a much richer experience for the learner.
  5. It isn’t about what you know but what your students learn. Proving how smart you are to your audience is not conductive to a great learning environment. You don’t have to be a college professor with a PhD in a given subject to be a great teacher. In fact many “teachers” with those credentials are awful. Focusing on the needs of your students, understanding how they learn and keeping them engaged are far more relevant than your technical base of knowledge. We help you develop those skills throughout our partnership.

By providing your onsite trainer with the tools they need to be successful and self-reliant your life gets much easier. Cost of ownership goes down. Over 80% of all calls to our technical support center are related to operational instruction. Over half of our onsite service is related to operational misinformation. Imagine saving 70% of your employees time related to technical issues and 50% of your annual cost on service. Remember, we provide this service free with every new installation or upgrade. Consistency of delivery is no longer a problem, we provide you the training materials, hands on tools, DVDs, quick guides, testing materials and online learning services that ensure the technical materials you need to do your job are current and consistent. We’re with you every step of the way, you’ll have a personal “Train the Trainer” mentor that guides you through the process for as long as you need and is standing right by your side the first time you’re in front of a class. That’s what a partnership is about and that’s what you get every time you do business with Tel-Tron, your partner for life. Don't just take our word for it, listen to what our partners and training participants have to say.

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The personal touch

Posted by niteowl23

June 11, 2010 3:50:18 AM EDT

Like everybody else, I am a consumer. I purchase products from many different companies. However, as I think about those companies, I can't say that I have a personal attachment to any of them. I wouldn't think twice about buying my next video game from Target instead of Best Buy. To me, they're all the same. All except one. I am fiercely loyal to Publix, a grocery store chain here in Florida. I could cut my grocery bill by $20 by shopping at Wal-Mart. But what sets Publix apart is CJ and Beth. CJ is the bagger that often bags my groceries. Beth is a clerk that often rings up my order. CJ likes to go bowling on Friday and Saturday nights at the local alley. Beth has a Pomeranian named Felix. They both greet me warmly and I believe they sincerely mean it when they wish me a good evening. I'm not the only one who feels that a personal touch makes for a better customer experience. Here's one of many articles available online about the topic -

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